Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beware of Hidden Cameras

I've always loved Walmart... not just for the shopping, but the people watching opp. Actually, when I go there, I get a good dose of self-esteem. But, the problem I'm facing now is the rash of pictures taken in the stores and shared on the Internet. Am I really as "fetching" as I feel when there, or am I going to show up on a "Walmart people" blog or email?  Maybe there is a reason that women wear Burkas in some places. :)

This sampling will give you an idea of what I mean. Do these people feel the same way I do when I look at others. Do you suppose they assume they are normal?  Take the woman in this picture?  Trust me that isn't me yet, but I may be working my way to her level if I don't get my ass out of this chair.  I've always heard of "back boobs", but I'd truly never seen them until now. And lady...get a longer blouse...surely you feel a draft.

 And speaking of drafts...are you trying to tell me this guy doesn't realize his pants are falling?  Looks like he has a bad rash.  Maybe he's headed for the Desitin or baby powder aisle.  Oy vey!

Me thinks this lady is in the wrong aisle.  She should be in "lady's lingerie".  Wow, I've bet she can black her own eye on a bumpy road.

I'm a little speechless on this one.  I'm not sure what to say.  It looks like a butt crack, but then again, he may be the person with the hidden camera.  Smile!

If the bin had an arrow on it, pointing to the left, that would just sum up this picture.  Don't these people have mirrors in their homes?

Me thinks Grandpa got into Grandma's closet by mistake.

I hope that's a gym membership or fashion consultant she's signing and not just the ATM machine.

And the

 "Pièce de résistance": 

What the well-dressed Walmart shopper in Tennessee is wearing these days.  Trust me, I've seen her many times.  :)

Kudos to People of Walmart for letting me have some fun with their pictures.  If you want more, just click on the link.  :)


Angela Kay Austin said...

I am from TN, please don't tell me that last pic was from TN. How do people even get access to these photos? Are they just walking around with a camera or are the being released by WalMart staff?

Gwenn said...

They all look like their last name could be Craddock.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

My eyes! My eyes!

Lin said...

ANgela my poor thing...cameras are so small these days you'd be surprised where they can be hidden.I know what I am about to say will probably make you very paranoid, but never go anywhere and no expect to have some visual or auditory device aimed in your dircetion.Privacy is solely in the imaginations of the less informed any mor.or "CrackedUp."Gwenn

Ginger Simpson said...

Angela, if you click on the link to the People of Walmart site, you can view pictures by state and be proud of where you live. Where in TN are you?

Gwenn: I think you may be right. I've seen enough of them to agree.

Anna K: Yep...mind bled for a while, too.

Lin: I'm just thrilled you're back in action after your surgery. See, I told you it would soon just be a bad memory. :)

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