Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sunday Snips & Stuff #sundaysnips

Today, I'm doing a cover reveal for my upcoming novel, Sarah's Hope.  The manuscript is currently with editors, and I'm hoping they don't find much since I had my beta reader, Diane Scott Lewis go through it.  She made some wonderful suggestions and I believe I'm officially the queen of missing closed quotes.  *lol*

I'm currently working on another historical western, and I'm really excited about it.  Desperation's Bride is due to be finished sometime this year.

In the meantime, check out Sarah's Hope and Passion.  Although Sarah's Hope is a stand alone novel, it always helps to know backstory and there's a lot to read in the preceding book. are two beautiful covers.  I'm just sorry the girls don't look one and the same, because they least in my mind.

TA DA!!!!!

Now, if you don't mind....hop on over to the following blogs and see what's being offered up this week.  Don't forget to come back next week. (Connie Vines) (Juliet Waldron) (Tricia McGill)


Unknown said...

Hope you aren't confused by my early post. I won't be around tomorrow and I didn't want to miss my Sunday Snips

Juliet Waldron said...

No problem--and, re cover, Sarah just shifted into another form/ethnicity during her time out from this world. It's neat that the modern cover is more-- "modern", if you see what I mean.

Connie Vines said...

Love your new book cover.

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