About Ginger Simpson

Born and raised in California, I suddenly found myself in Tennessee. The experience was sort of like traveling from earth to another planet. So used to the rat-racing freeways and type-A personalities who moved faster than a speeding bullet, I found myself in a laid-back environment where everyone younger tacked a "Miz" on the front of my name, even if we became friends.

I came here to be close to my grandson...the love of my life. I retired from the University of California  and I figured I'd have a whole lot of time to write, but.... I'd like to say I've finished a ton of novels, but life often gets in the way. Besides dealing with a muse that goes AWOL from time-to-time, I also was a pioneer in my family to contact a virus one would normally associate with dogs--Parvo Virus B-19. Trust me, you don't want it.  In the last few years I've had cataract surgery, laser surgery, a cyst removed from one eye, five trips to the hospital because of scar tissue from a previous surgery, but luckily I haven't fallen down stairs recently or broken anything. I guess it all comes with growing old. UPDATE: I did suffer a fall in June 2015 which really caused swelling and brusing, but these old bones must really be strong.  Falling off your shoe might become an olympic sport and I'm in training.  :)

But, I love living here in Tennessee, have no plans to return to California. Ellie's Legacy was inspired by a small town in TN, rich in history and beauty. Besides, remember my grandson has me anchored here.

I've finished a few novels I hope will move me from being traditionally a historical novelist into genres that are selling better and may garner notice from a publisher who can save me from smuggling one of my books into Wal-Mart and leaving it on a shelf. I'm that desperate. *smile*

My husband, Kelly, is my biggest fan...actually the only fan in my family. Unless I can get a book on a shelf somewhere other than my office, I fear I'll never convince them I've accomplished anything. In my heart, I know I have, and I've proud of my work. I thank those of you who have stuck with me through these years and made me feel appreciated. You're dedication keeps me writing.

You can find all my work on Amazon these days, and I know have a new Books We Love Author's Page.

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