Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Snippets with Ginger Simpson #sundaysnips

This week, I'm sharing a snippet from my Young Adult, Shortcomings.  There's a valuable message in this book about how to treat people with disabilities and deal with bullies.  Hope you'll consider sharing a copy with family this holiday.  Although the story deals with teens, the reading material is appropriate for all ages.  The description says it all, and this would make a wonderful gift for any reader on your list. Happy Thanksgiving...I'm going back to my Magic Cookie Bars.  :)

High School is hard enough without the cold stares from classmates that remind you every day how different you are. 

Our shortcomings don't define who we are, unless we let them. Cindy Johnson needs to learn that. Born with one leg shorter than the other, she has no self-esteem because of the cruel comments and cold stares she receives from her classmates. When Cory Neil, the football quarterback asks her to Homecoming, she's quite sure he's asked her on a dare and refuses. It takes more than just her mother's assurances that Cindy's beautiful before she realizes she may have made a mistake in turning him down. 

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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Unexpected by Ginger Simpson

This year was a record year for me. On November 12, I turned 70.  I'm shocked to even be able to type my age. :)  Since my entire life I've been reminded that I favor my father's side of the family, and most of them have passed (Dad 61, Uncle late 50s, Aunt late 50s, Paternal Grandmother and Grandfather, both far too young,) I expected to be gone long before now.  Thank you Lord for giving me my mom's longevity genes.   She just turned 91 on November 1.
Nov 1 - Mom's 91st
Atrium balconys

My husband, bless him, took me to Gaylord's Opryland hotel for an
overnight stay.  I've always wanted to be one of those rich bitches sitting on their atrium balconies, looking down at the travelers below.

 For a fleeting moment...I was.  Not the rich bitch part,but I did sit on a balcony overlooking the bar, restaurant and walkways below.  That night, we left our door ajar to the outside so  we could listen to the amazing sound of the waterfall cascading just feet from our room.
Listen to the waterfall

We enjoyed a drink and cheese platter in the bar, and later dined in a very proper and expensive restaurant.   Personally, I loved the carousel bar that was lost during the 100-year flood. :( far as my birthday trip... I'll be paying the bills for a while, but it was worth every penny, and a proper celebration to reach a year I never expected to see.  I'm already saving up to go for my 80th.
Waterfalls from the bar

View from our room...notice the decorations going up.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Changing Traditions

Way back in my early years of marriage, we started a new tradition. It came with our first purchase of an artificial tree. I love Christmas, always have. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite holidays.
I have more memories of those two holidays from my childhood than any other. So it should come as no surprise, that once we bought an artificial tree, it went up the day after th and her neighbors thought the same thing.
Thanksgiving. Neighbors thought I was crazy, but I didn’t care. My mom always put up her tree December 6
My feelings are the same as my mom’s. We put too much work into decorating and we want to enjoy it for as long as possible.
Now days I see a lot of Christmas trees up before Thanksgiving. Which brings me to my newest tradition. Since my children no longer come here for Christmas dinner – our house is way to small to accommodate them and the grandchildren (and now great grandchildren) that my children have taken over the holiday. That’s fine with me, but that also means they don’t get to enjoy my decorations. So….yep, I put them up before Thanksgiving. That allows me to enjoy them more. So needless to say, yep, the tree is up, the house is decorated and today, I’ll light the lights – at least outside. I couldn’t wait so I lit the tree already.
There’s something so cozy and serene about the lights. I love the ambiance. They’re the only lights in the room for the most part. I used to have candles lit around the room also, but one night I went to bed and forgot about one. Luckily I woke up in the middle of the night and saw it. So now I have battery operated candles. They look just as nice and I
don’t have to worry if I forget to turn them off.

The only reason I still have Thanksgiving dinner at my house is only half of my kids come for dinner. My daughters all go to their in-laws and my sons came here. I use past tense because the last two years one of my sons went to my daughter-in-law’s uncle’s. This year my oldest son will be going to his girl friend’s sister’s. That leaves my youngest son and his family. There’ll only be eight of us this year. Everyone else will come later for dessert and I look forward to it. I’m sure I’ve said before my favorite thing is to have my family around me. I’m very blessed my children all live within about 20 minutes of me. So another new tradition will begin and that’s okay. I love traditions. Next month I’ll write about another one. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

My Hobbies by Roseanne Dowell

 I thought I'd talk a little about one of my hobbies instead of writing. That's right, you won't find anything about any of my books on this blog. It's all about my hobby.
One of my favorite things to do when I’m not writing is embroidery. 
Another is quilting. I've found a way to combine the two. First, 
I made baby quilts for my nieces. White on white, I machine
 embroidered them with the darning stitch so I had control. They turned out really pretty, but I really love to hand embroider. 
That’s when I discovered red-work. During a quilting shop-hop, one of the stores highlighted red-work. For those who don’t know what red-work is – it’s embroidery done in all red floss. Just the outline of the picture, not filled in like other embroidery patterns. Anyway, I fell in love with it.

Every year I make something for Christmas (usually a Santa) for my children and give it to them on Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s ceramic, sometimes wood. I found a Santa pattern and did it all in red-work, framed it and gave it to them one year.

 That’s when I decided to make a baby quilt for each of my grandchildren – not for them, but for their first born, my great grandchildren. I'd already made lap quilts for each of my children and grandchildren. 
But where to find patterns? I started out with coloring books for designs. I traced the images onto 12x12 squares of muslin and embroidered them.  After I finished embroidering the squares, I cut sashing and sewed them together. For the backing I used
various fabrics, not nursery print. None of the quilts have nursery fabric in them at all.
I also used patterns from zoo animals to Winnie the Pooh.
Eventually, I found transfer books and used them for designs, much easier than tracing the. I just ironed them on. 
I looked everywhere for baby designs. It took several years, but they're all finished. I have 14 grandchildren, that’s a lot of baby quilts. Most of the quilts are done in red work, but several are done with various colors of embroidery floss, too. 

  I also made quilts for my niece’s twins. One of the patterns is kittens and the other is bunnies. She had a girl and boy, so I thought the bunnies would be good for him. Recently, she had another child. A boy–so I just finished q baby animals one for him. 

So far I've given quilts to two of my granddaughters. It looks like I'll be giving another one next year. I recently found out another great grandchild is due in June, so another quilt will be delivered at her shower in April. We don't know the sex yet, but the quilts aren't gender specific. 
I've marked each quilt with the name of the grandchild they’re supposed to go to in case I’m not around to give it to them. My youngest grandchild is only four. I'm already in my sixties, there's a pretty good chance I won't see him married, let alone his children.
My daughters have been instructed to pass them out. I hope I’m still around to give each child their quilt, but if I’m not they’ll each have a piece of me for their children. I hope they treasure them as much as I do. Below is a collage of a few of the ones I made.

 To store them, I put them in large store bought quilt bag. Yes, I bought a quilt for my bed. But I did make one too, I embroidered wild flowers in each square – and yes, I filled them in, not just outlined. I use it on my bed in the summer. It took over a year to embroider all the flowers, but it was worth it. Besides, I have nothing better to do in the evening while I’m watching TV. That’s the nice thing about embroidery, you can sit in front of the TV and still work on it. The hard part was quilting it.

One of my favorite quilts is a queen size I made for my bed. It took the better part of

a year, and several times I was sorry I started it. But I persevered and I'm glad I did. 

So now you know a little more about me. I'm not just an author, I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  I enjoy writing, but my family is my first love. 

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Snippets with Ginger Simpson #sundaysnips

This week I'm sharing snippets from Culture Shock, my mystery romance that takes place in San Francisco.  Cynthia Freitas moves from the Midwest to the big city, expecting a different lifestyle.  Imagine her shock to find a serial killer loose in her own backyard, and he's killing women that look just like her...or her body when the old wiring in her run-down tenement causes her first kiss with her handsome neighbor to have a jolting outcome.

The sun was setting when they got back to the Cairns. Alex held the door open. “Here we are, back to reality.”

Cynthia stepped inside, but paused at the bottom of the stairwell. “Does reality have to smell so musty? I’d prefer something more pleasant.”

He smiled. “I agree, but the reality I referred to is we both have to work tomorrow, and that
sucks. I wish I’d been born rich instead of handsome.” He flashed a wink.

Did he know how attractive he was? His good looks had drawn the admiring stares of so many
women during their outing…and they all envied her, little ol’ Cynthia Freitas.

He followed as she climbed the stairs. She paused at the first landing and faced him. “Too bad
we can’t have everything we want, but I’d say today was a great ending to the weekend.” She smiled.
“Seriously, this was a great afternoon. I really enjoy looking in all the stores, although I can’t believe I didn’t find anything I wanted to buy. Maybe I should see a therapist.”

He shook his head and grinned. “Maybe, but push on, my dear. We have another flight to climb,
and dogs are barking.”

At her apartment, Alex took her key and unlocked the door. “I had a great time too. If it wasn’t
Sunday evening we could have made our time together last a little longer. Maybe we can do this again another time?”

Her excitement bubbled to the surface. “That would be wonderful. Hey, as a matter of fact, my
brother Kevin and his girlfriend, Sara, are coming to visit in a few weeks. They want me, of all people, to show them around the city. Would you be interested in joining us?”

She held her breath hoping he wouldn't decline. She'd like to show Kevin she did have some
confidence in herself. 

"I'd like that very much." He leaned down and brush his lips against hers.

Her heart skipped a beat then resumed its normal pace. She took a quick breath. "That was nice."
"Good. I was hoping I wouldn't offend you."

"No offense taken." And no defense either. Her knees turned to jelly. She opened her door, but
paused, hoping for maybe yet another, and longer, kiss.

Instead, he took her hand and held her knuckles to his lips. "Goodnight," he whispered, warming
her hand with his breath. He smiled and walked toward his apartment.

Cynthia went inside her place, closed the door and rested against it. She pondered the emotions
Alex stirred within her. She feared falling for him, too afraid of what might happen if he didn't
reciprocate the feelings. Could she handle rejection? She had no idea.

After making sure the door was locked, she went straight to the bedroom. Alex’s reminder about
the deadbolt flashed through her mind. She’d buy one tomorrow and ask him to install it. His offer of
help provided more opportunity to be with him, and she'd take him over the super any day.


This is where the excitement really begins.  You can get your copy at Books We Love, using my author's page and clicking the cover you like.  Please take advantage of the BOGO sale going on right one, get one free.  A great holiday special.

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