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What is your favorite time and place to read?  I read anywhere ~ anytime I can fit it in!  Grocery line, doctor’s office, breaks or lunch at work.  My favorite place to read is in the evening, in my living room with the fireplace cracking and a cup of Café’ Carmel Keurig style. 

How about writing time? This is a little trickier!  LOL  I have learned to write with kids running around or with people talking and walking by my cubical at work during my lunch hour.  My favorite time to write early Saturday mornings . . . Saturday afternoons . . . heck anytime I can sit at my clean desk and write.

Do you have to make time?  I work a full-time job, so yes, when I set a deadline date I also set a writing schedule.  That will be marks on the calendar that say 25% done with WIP, 50%, 75% and date finished 100%.  I am a stickler about deadline dates, so it’s rare for me to miss one.  It takes self-discipline to write, and without setting goals and deadlines ~ I think it’s too easy to procrastinate and not get the job done.

Do you have a ritual or is your plan helter-skelter? I had a quilting teacher who followed the Swiss-cheese method to completing tasks: Make a hole here, and sometime later a hole there; keep repeating this until the whole thing is complete. What's your method?  This Swiss-cheese method would send me over the edge.  I’m a ‘make a plan and follow it’ kind of girl.  I know the average time it takes me to write a chapter – so I plan it out ~ and mark my calendar when I need to reach quarterly goals . . . and hit my finished deadline.  I believe I have to plan and set goals to reach them.  It’s like planning a trip from Montana to Wisconsin.  I wouldn’t just jump into my car without knowing the route, hotels, costs, etc.  Same with planning to write a book; what is the plot – goal to reach at the end – what are mid-marks, ideas to be weaved into the beginning – middle – end?  It’s all about setting out on an adventure . . . with the keyboard and me . . . my goal – to write the best book I’ve ever written. 

Rita Karnopp ~ Multi-published author Rita Karnopp knew at a very young age she wanted to be a writer – and penned her first story at age sixteen. She is drawn to the history of the Native American and strives to bring alive the authenticity of a time past.  Whether writing suspense, Indian historicals, or contemporary romance, Rita enjoys bringing excitement and the enduring power of love to her stories. 
Rita currently resides in Montana with her husband and their loveable Cockapoo named Gema.  
     When she isn’t reading, writing or doing research, Rita enjoys making dream catchers, gold panning, crystal or sapphire digging, rafting, fishing, canoeing, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.
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Whispering Spirits

Devastated by her boyfriend’s murder, Summer Timber Wolf, Niipo Ómahkapi'si, goes back to Browning, Montana to take care of her Blackfeet grandmother. That choice finds her living in the ways of the old ones in a tipi on the shores of St. Mary’s River in the shadow of the Chief Mountains. Her Nah’ah tells her to listen to the whispering spirits of her ancestors. They are her shield, her past, her present and her future. Summer, however, is not so easily convinced.

It doesn’t take long before Summer realizes they’re not alone. Has her boyfriend’s killer found them? To protect her grandmother, Summer trusts their scout and protector, Cameron Running Crane. Soon she doubts her decision and wonders if he’s the kind of killer we instinctively fear the most; a loved one.

The truth will be revealed in time . . . what she doesn’t know is who will survive.


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Friday Freebits with Ginger Simpson #frifreebits

Preface:  Cynthia has already become acquainted with her neighbor, a San Francisco Police Officer.  They've met on the way to the dumpster, and Alex is now helping her take out the trash.  As you can see...Cyn's mind is elsewhere at the moment:

Once in the alley, Cynthia flashed back to the building Superintendent and his suspicious behavior. She fought the urge to dig for the bundle he'd deposited, and almost laughed. Wouldn't dumpster diving make a great first impression on her handsome neighbor? 

Alex snapped his fingers in front of her face. "Can I have your other bag or have you become attached to it?" 

"I'm sorry," she said, handing it to him. "I guess I drifted off somewhere." 

Alex took hold of her elbow. "Garbage delivered, mission accomplished." 

She chuckled as they walked back into the building. "Next time I hope you take me some place that smells a little better." 

She noticed the slightly ajar first-floor apartment door as they ascended the stairs, but didn't mention it. For the first time since she'd arrived, she felt safe. 

You can pick up your copy via my Amazon page.

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A Page Straight from Roseanne Dowell #apagestraightfrom

All In The Family
Roseanne Dowell

Mama always used to say, “This too shall pass.”
But not this time, Mama – this time Jessica Roberts was in a heck of a mess. She paced the small jail cell, waiting for the chief.  How could anyone even think she killed Jake Warren? She was a Judge for cripe sake. Not like she could kill anyone anyway. “Hey, don’t I get a phone call?”
Nothing, no answer as usual. Damn rookie cop was gonna pay for this. How dare he ignore her? A night in the cell made her itchy, like a million bugs crawled all over her.  She ran her fingers through her hair and pulled out a handful of gray hair.  The rate her hair fell out, she’d be bald by time she was sixty-six. When this was all over she’d have to see what the problem was. But that was the least of her worries. All she wanted now was a hot shower and a warm bed.  And where the hell was Jim Landry anyway?
What kind of police chief goes fishing in the middle of the week?  Jessica rubbed her wrists where Officer Sanders handcuffed her. Handcuffed, how humiliating.  Worse part, he seemed to take pleasure in making sure they were real snug too. Real smart ass, that one. Didn't he know who she was?
Oh he knew all right, that’s why he took such pleasure.  Pay back because she reproached him in her court room when he testified in that hit and run case. Too smart for his own good. Cocky attitude and all.
Jessica fingered the button in her pocket. It was a clue, and she shouldn't have picked it up from the crime scene, but it was in her hand when Sanders came along. She barely had enough time to drop it in her pocket when he grabbed her arms and slapped the cuffs on her.
Darn, she wished she knew what Jake had wanted. So secretive calling the way he had and asking her to meet him in that alley. Good lord, no better than thugs. What was it he said, something about police corruption and he couldn't talk to Landry about it.  What in the hell did that mean? Landry was the most honest cop she knew - Wouldn't cheat a store clerk out of a penny.
“Jess, what the hell’s going on?” Landry’s voice boomed through the jail.
“About time you got here. How should I know what’s going on? Someone killed Jake Warren, and that punk out there seems to think it was me.”
“Hmm.” Chief Landry rubbed his unshaven chin. “Well everyone in town knows you and Jake didn't see eye to eye.”
“Jim Landry, you can’t believe for one minute that I had anything to do with his murder.” Jessica glared at the Chief.  “No, we didn't see eye to eye, but you can’t possibly believe I killed him. Good Lord, Jim you know me better than that.” Of all the nerve, even as a joke that wasn't funny. “Come on open the door - get me out of here.”
“Well now, I’d like to do that, Jess, but see, you've been booked, and we got to follow procedure. You know the proper channels.” He unlocked the door and motioned to her. “Come on, we’ll talk in my office.”
Procedure, my eye. Proper channels. She knew damned good and well Jim could let her go if he wanted to.  She didn't like this. Not one little bit. She followed him into his office, relieved to at least be out of the cell, for the moment anyhow. He handed her a cup of hot coffee. She sipped it, relishing the aroma while it warmed her. Never knew coffee to taste so good.

All in the Family is available from Amazon.

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Is Being An Author Detrimental to your Health? - Ginger Simpson
Think about the topic?  How much did you weigh when you started writing?  How much do you weigh now?  I spent years as an Administrative Assistant, which was a very sedentary job, and then retired so I could spent countless hours in front of my computer or on the sofa with my laptop.  Needless to say, activity moved way down to the bottom of my priority list, and the pounds continued to add up.

I know what I eat is not the problem, because I don't tolerate solids well.  My husband says I pick like a bird, but that's because of scar tissue that's formed and I have trouble chewing things enough to get them to pass through my esophogas.  My body is in starvation mode and hangs onto every calorie I put into it, and with no activity to work off those calories, my hips grew as wide as my office chair.

Being an author for most of us is a passion, but we must remember to find time for our health.  I don't make resolutions because they are usually a dismal failure for me, but this year, I did resolve to put ME first.  So, I'm not giving up writing, I'm going to try to be more time-oriented and work in my creative juices around walking or attending water aerobics.  Instead of empty caloried foods, I'm imbibing in protein shakes and I have to say, I feel much better.

I started exercising already, and I've lost nearly 30 pounds.  I've been a bad girl this week because of appointments, but next week, it's back to the three day grind of adding some sort of activity into my life.  I'd like to stick around for another several years and keep doing what I love.  Besides, I have a lot of stories started in my WIP folder that need finishing.

So, do yourself a favor.  Although you love to write, find some time in your day to make yourself a healthier author.  It's a new year, and time for a new start.

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Friday Freebits with Ginger Simpson #frifreebits

I started a new book last week.  If you want to go back and check the info I's the link:

Here's another "freebit" from Culture Shock:

She hummed as she went about the rest of her Saturday cleaning. Still, in the back of her mind, she wished she lived somewhere more presentable. How was she going to explain this rat hole without being embarrassed? She stood back and assessed the drabness. Maybe if she planned lots of fun things, they wouldn't have to spend much time at The Cairns.

She took a deep breath. "Stop it Cynthia! Kevin and Sara know you're just starting out. They won't be expecting the Ritz!" She laughed. They also wouldn't be expecting her to talk to herself as much as she did lately. 

Armed with her bottle of window cleaner, she pushed aside the tattered rags masquerading as curtains. Once her checkbook was back in the black she planned to buy some new ones. There was no use asking the super about replacements. He hadn't even fixed her lock. 

She misted the glass then wiped it dry. Why she bothered she didn't know. It must have been years since the outside was cleaned. So many water spots made it look as though she hadn’t touched the pane, but there wasn’t much to look at in the littered alley below. The scenic view fit the rest of the motif. 

She leaned in. Movement caught her eye in the form of someone seemingly pilfering through the trash bin. Maybe one of the vagrants she passed every day on her way to the station? 

She wasn't used to seeing so many bums and homeless people on the street, but this man didn't look like one of those types. At least she considered the person a “him.” Something vaguely familiar niggled at her--perhaps his frame, his hair. What was it? She squinted through the blotchy glass. 

He bundled something inside a blue wrapper then, glancing side-to-side, he poked around in the trash, appearing to move things about before tossing his package into the dumpster. He almost looked to be hiding something, and when he turned, she recognized the building super. 

You can find Culture shock on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Books We Love gave me the opportunity to breath new life into "Beside Myself."  The book was originally published only in paperback and not read by many people other than a few reviewers.  This is one of the snippets I saved because it really touched my heart.

"This is one of the most entertaining suspense novels I have ever read.  I do not however, recommend reading it at your desk on your lunch break because it is just too difficult to keep the laughter inside."

Keely Skillman
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