Monday, August 3, 2015

The Birthday Countdown is Jamie "Birthday Girl" Hill

When I was a kid, my birthdays were maybe the best day of the year. Christmas was a close tie, but in the eyes of a child we shared that day with the baby Jesus, and rightly so. But my birthday was just MINE. 

For the first few years, my grandma made me special cakes that she decorated with small ceramic figures which she made as a hobby. Or she crafted me doll cakes similar to the one pictured. I loved Barbies so those had an added bonus. Now that I'm grown, I no longer have the Barbies but I do still have several of those ceramic figurines and they mean a lot to me.

Age ten was the first birthday party I remember. We invited a bunch of girls to my house. I can't recall exactly what we did, but there was cake and presents involved, so I was a happy girl.

I spent one birthday on a family vacation at the great Salt Lake. Traveling across multiple states in a camper doesn't sound like fun to me these days, but it was a blast back then. I got a Barbie that year, too. (I must have been easy to shop for.)

These days, birthdays involve dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant and spending time with my special crew, my family. They spoil me rotten with spa gift certificates, perfume, and this year, a new computer which I am already enjoying. 

Growing older isn't always easy, but I like to say that it beats the alternative. Bear with me for the next week as I continue on this path of celebration. It's going to be a wild ride!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Snippets from Time Tantrums by Ginger Simpson #sunday snips

Time Tantrums ws originally released as "Sisters in Time," but when my rights expired, I wanted to share the story with so many more, so I tried to remove many of the amateur mistakes we authors tend to make and re-release the novel through Books We Love.

I still believe this is one of the most creative feats I've undertaken.  It's not easy to jump from one hero to another, so I'm happy to share a sample with you of how I accomplished my goal.  Join Mariah, my pioneer wife, and Taylor, my modern day attorney, as they struggle to acclimate to new eras and new husbands:


Mariah - Colorado Territory—1872

Mariah Cassidy sat on the front porch and watched her husband, Frank, ride through the gate. The large Rocking C, the ranch’s emblem, cast a shadow across his face as he rode beneath it. His muscled thighs gripped the flanks of his huffing, black stallion, and his hat rested in that familiar rakish tilt. He certainly knew how to sit a horse.

Frank dismounted and gave the horse’s reins to a hired hand. He dusted himself off then turned and strode to the porch. “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

She smiled. “You were up bright and early. Would you like some breakfast?”

“No thanks. I already ate with the ranch hands, but... I might be interested in somethin’

else.” Even after seventeen years of marriage, Frank’s innuendo embarrassed Mariah. Just a
wink of one of his heavy-lashed, blue eyes made her heart flutter, but her desire for lovemaking never equaled his. She fretted about him leaving her to find satisfaction in the arms of another. Her mother had planted such deep-seeded inhibitions within Mariah that nudity made her uncomfortable. She loved being in his arms, but beyond that, her embarrassment got in the way of feeling free.

The same old thoughts niggled at her as she gazed into his face. Why didn’t she feel the same comfort with her body as Frank did with his? Would he be happier with someone else? He deserved a wife with passion to match his own.  She massaged the creases in her brow.

“Mariah, did you hear me? Would you like to join me upstairs?”  He nodded toward the house.

She held up a silencing finger while guilt niggled her. “Hush. The children will hear you."

* * * *

Denver, Colorado—2002

Lost in thought, Taylor Morgan sat and stared at the stacks of files piled on her large mahogany desk. The sun barely peeked through the office window of the high-rise building and the dim lighting matched her somber mood. Had she remembered to kiss David before she left home? It seemed she was always in a hurry these days. Rushing to put on make-up, darting off without goodbyes, working late, and barely finding time for her husband—something had to change. She didn’t want a repeat of the argument she’d had with David last night.

The thud of his fist on the dining room table echoed in her head. When he expressed frustration, her body trembled, much the same as the silverware had. She’d never seen him so angry.

His words had cut through her like a knife. “We’re like ships passing in the night. All we do is work, eat and sleep. You’re so busy with your job that that’s all you think about. You don’t cook, you don’t clean... Good God, we only make love on your schedule, never mine. What if I don’t want to wait five years to have children?”

The thought of having a child made Taylor shudder. She’d labored hard to achieve the status she enjoyed at the law firm. Giving up now wasn’t an option. Still, what about David? Didn’t he have a right to the family he wanted? She felt so conflicted. What if her husband wasn’t willing to hang around until she determined the time felt right?

If only there was a way to compromise. She nodded. Making David a priority seemed a good start if she wanted to save her marriage. Tonight, she’d leave work early, go home, and make dinner. A few candles, a bottle of wine—David would be pleasantly surprised.

She picked the most pressing files from her desk and threw them into her briefcase, planning to peruse them while she cooked. Grabbing her jacket from the chair, she slung it over her shoulder and reached the door when the urgent buzzing of her intercom summoned her back. She leaned over the desk and mashed a button with her fingertips. “Yes?”

“Ms. Morgan,” her secretary responded, “Mr. Abernathy requests that you join him in the conference room right away. The senior partners have called an emergency meeting.”

“I’ll be right there.” Taylor plopped her briefcase back on the desk. She straightened her collar and smoothed her skirt then took a deep breath.

Maybe tomorrow, David, maybe tomorrow.

Please visit the sites of my friends and see what goodies they offer today: (Juliet Waldron)

By the way....all of my books are available on my Amazon page.  See you next week.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

High-Five to Smashwords' Half Price Sale ~ Ends July 31!

Just two more days to take advantage of Smashwords' Site-Wide Half Price sale. Books We Love has 370 titles at Smashwords, most all of which are on sale. The only exception are the 99 cent books on the BWL Summer Sale, those are still 99 cents.

Most of mine and Ginger's titles are there, so if you have a book you've been hankering to read, now's your chance. Smashwords offers all ereader formats including Kindle and Nook compatible mobi and epub formats.

Happy shopping, happy reading, and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I heard this older song today by Chris Young and some of it really relates to how I feel when I'm writing.  I recently promised Jude, our publisher, a book by December 31st.  I have it started, but now I have to tune out the voices of Cassie and Will from Deceived in order to get Sarah's Hope finished in time for the fall deadline.

I'm sure I explained in a previous post the difference between Pantsers and Plotters.  I, unfortunately, rely on voices in my head to help me write.  Without all that chatter, I'm at a loss.  I've tried plotting and it just doesn't work for me, so all the people talking in my head are really a times.

For me being a "pantser" is akin to having someone tell me a story.  I listen and jot down the words, but I never know where I'm headed until I get there.  It's a lot more exciting, in my opinion, to having a chart of some type that outlines your entire novel for you.  I prefer to be surprised.  The only problem is when the characters are done, so is the book.  I've written some short, some long, and some in between.  You never know how long creating a novel is going to take when you're a pantser.

 I have to admit I do take notes now because my memory has faded with age.  There is nothing worse than forgetting the heroes name and putting in one from another book or having your heroine suddenly gaze through blue eyes instead of green with gold flecks.

If you're a pantser too, you'll be able to relate to this video.  If you aren't, you probably will anyhow, since all those words of wisdom your parents and grandparents shared with you still run through your mind.  I can hear my granny to this day telling me all little boys wanted to do was get in my panties.  I could never figure out what they'd do once they got them on.  How embarassing.  I never wanted to wear Jockey shorts.  Now that I'm older, I realize she was warning me to be a lady.  *lol*

So...I may be camping for the next few months, but I'll be working on Sarah's Hope.  This will be sort of continuation of Sarah's Heart and Passion.  Here's an except closer to the end of that book so you'll better relate to what Sarah is sharing with me now.  She's a chatty one, for sure.

“Really.” He (Wolf) caressed her cheek. “I love you Sarah Collins, and I’d be honored if you would consider spending this life with me. I might have been unselfish enough to have given you up once, but not twice.”

Glee squeezed Sarah’s heart. She’d lived through pure hell in a dream, found the love of her life only to lose him, and now she had a second chance. No way was she missing out on the passion she felt for this man. Locking her arms around his neck, she rested her cheek against his chest, drinking in his warmth, his smell, his feel. “I love you, too, Nathaniel Grey Wolf Elder, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend eternity with…even if it’s on a cattle ranch in Missouri.”

Please check my website for places where you can find this book, and most likely my upcoming one.


Monday, July 27, 2015

The Blame Game by Jamie Hill ~ Book Trailer and Half-Price Sale! Now in one specially priced box set, The Blame Game series brings you four complete novels for one low price. Get ready for family drama and sweet romance, no serials or cliff hangers.

Blame it on the Stars: Teacher Catlin McCall has second thoughts about dating the father of a student, but listening to his sweet talk one night under the stars, she finds him hard to resist. They stumble into an impetuous, passionate relationship which leaves them breathless and his family less than thrilled. A not-quite-ex-wife who decides she wants her man back, combined with a pair of manipulative teenagers, make for more problems than either of them are prepared to deal with.

Blame it on the Moon: Dana Naughton returns home after college to teach at the local elementary school. She’s not aware of the struggles her family is going through, but is glad to help however she can. She’s also surprised to learn that Clint Stewart, her old high school sweetheart, is now working for her father.

Blame it on the Sun: Dave Naughton’s laid-back attitude has cost him two sports writing jobs. Fear of commitment and uncertainty may cost him a whole lot more where his personal life is concerned. He’s summoned home to face his father, the owner of the family business and the one man he really doesn’t want to disappoint.

Blame it on the Rain: Charlie Naughton and Jenny Craft grew up together. Their parents were best friends and the kids were inseparable throughout their school years. But when Charlie goes off to college, he’s focusing more on his baseball scholarship than the friend he’s leaving behind. 

Through July, all books at Smashwords are 50% off when you use the provided coupon code on each book page. HALF PRICE!!!

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