Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome, J Rose Knight

After several years I'm organizing my office; it isn't easy. I'm finding unpublished short stories, novels,and even a couple of poems. I think, "Did I write that?" Geez, that's good." or sometimes, "Why did I even save that, it's awful," and into the big garage sack it goes. So far I've filled one trash bag and am starting on another.

I'll never finish my job if I pause to read the four almost finished novels on the shelf.

When I come to the pile of rejections what should I do? Some go into the trash, they are of no value. Some have suggestions, these I keep. I cherish my small successes such as anthologies published by Adams Media and Blooming Tree Press.

I have two hot novels published by another publisher, but after all my friends and family have read them they are just sitting there. even though I wrote them under an alias I have a few friends and family that look at me strangely after reading my sizzlling novels.

I'm rather a recluse, feeling more comfortable in my home than out in public. Has anyone heard of diarrhea of the mouth? When I'm out in public I become so anxious I talk all the time. That's why I enjoy The Muse. I have been active in some of the forums and use many of the helpful material on writing Lea has posted. I have a contract with Muse It Up Publishing to be released in April 2011.

It is about a Wyoming rancher's wife whose life turns upside down leaving her alone to cope with a ranch and her twin girls.

I enjoy browsing through the authors group. Do that first thing in the morning. I hope you'll check out my release when it becomes available.

Thank you Ginger for allowing me to ramble on.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rose and Ginger:
Throwing away work you don't like ... I don't think I ever throw anything away, but also I never look at it again. Usually I can't, it's too terrible. It's been a boon to work on the computer -- really cuts down the amount of discarded paper -- I just have discarded files instead.

Do you ever think about something you threw out and wonder what it was?
Chris H.

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