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Poodle Talk #5 and #5 Doggie Fashion: Yes or No?

Poodle Talk Sunday

My apologies for not posting last Sunday.  My router stopped functioning last week and I called Spectrum Cable for service.  My router was replaced but not until I missed my blog deadline :-(

Doggie Couture?

I must confess, I do enjoy a little touch of fashion in my poodle's life., PetCo, PetSmart and other online sites does make it simpler to be a bit indulgent on a budget.  I'm more inclined to squirrel a bit of money away for emergencies (vet visits, vaccinations, teeth cleansing, monthly grooming appointments).  And, while I don't mind dedicating a dresser drawer to doggie fashion, I'm not sharing my closet--yet.

Chanel has a cute harness that looks like a dress with a taffeta skirt (don't tell her, but it's a cat harness).  She dresses up like a gingerbread girl during Christmas time (my kitchen and dining room is decorated with gingerbread girls and boys collectibles).  She also has a set of jammies and sweaters she wears during winter..

Image result for gingerbread girl dog costume
Chanel's gift from Aunty Carla
Bond & Co. Pink Rose-Print Cat Harness and Leash Set
Chanel's harness
Image result for poodle with sunglasses
I wouldn't mind having this hat and scarf.
Chanel would probably wear the sun glasses

When temperatures start to fall below 45°F, some cold-averse breeds will get uncomfortable and will need protection. For owners of small breeds, puppies, senior dogs, or thin haired breeds, anytime the temperature outside feels at or below 32°F, pull out the sweaters or coats!

Dos my dog need sunscreen? Yes, you should put sunscreen on your dog.   Vets say if a dog has to be outdoors during peak sun exposure hours (10 am to 4 pm), sunscreen should be reapplied to sun-sensitive areas of the body—the nose, around the lips, tips of the ears, the groin, and the belly—throughout the day.

It's highly important that you only use types of sunscreen that are specifically intended for use on dogs. They should not contain zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), as these ingredients are toxic to dogs if ingested, and dogs will often lick their skin and accidentally ingest the sunscreen.

Happy Poodle Sunday,

Psalm 46:1-3 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. ... Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

This month's topic is an excerpt dealing with travel or vacation in one of our novels.

Connie Vines, author, from the quirky suburbs of SoCal.
Link to Podcast
I've taken an except from Lynx, Rodeo Romance, Book 1. 
This is just before my hero and heroine take a trip together.
This is also my 1st venture into podcasting.  I am also searching for the perfect mic and filter.

My except takes place in Running Springs, Montana before Lynx Maddox and Rachel Scott travel to Lubbock, Texas to meet his family.

They'd never made the trip to Missoula yesterday for supplies, deciding instead to spend the remainder of morning, in bed.  Afterwards, Lynx had told her stories and snacked on warmed leftover for dinner.

At first, Lynx's stories of his childhood had made her laugh. He'd been just as much of a hell raiser as a boy, evidently.  As he spoke more and more about his family, Rachel's fears mounted and hung over her like a blanket of fog.

Lynx had led a privileged life. And, contrary to Rachel's understanding, his parents were not small-town Texas ranchers.  A..J. and Elizabeth Maddox were founding members of community projects, pillars of the Lone Star State. A.J. Maddox lunched with Congressmen at the local cattlemen'a club, and Elizabeth Maddox arranged charity fashion shows.

No matter how much Lynx tried to reassure her to the contrary, Rachel had a feeling Maddox men did not get involved with someone from her background.

She hurried to the kitchen, as if by the act of making breakfast she could cope with everything. Lynx cared about her, she reminded herself. She'd always been stronger when he was near.

But did he love her?

"Of course he does," she whispered, trying to convince herself.  Why else would he take her to Texas?

Before Rachel could spoon the first ladle of pancake batter, Lynx was beside her, reaching for the coffee pot.

"I missed you," he said, kissing her on the temple.

She wasn't going to ruin the morning by giving into her fears, Rachel promised herself. Everything will work out for the best--it had to...



Podcast for a longer version of excerpt

Stop by and read the fascinating travel/ vacation stories other members of our Round Robin have to share this month!

Rhobin L Courtright

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Top Ten Poodle Mixes #Poodle Talk #4 Poodle Sunday by Connie Vines

Image result for poodle hugWe've completed the top ten most-popular poodle-mixes. I don't know about you, bur  I think everyone of these little is cuties are adorable.

After all, Poodles are the dogs we love to love!


5. Schnoodle = Poodle + Schnauzer crossbreed

If you want a dog that is a lap dog and an excellent jogging companion the Schnoodle is the dog you’re looking. From its Schnauzer parent side, the dog is very sturdy, unlike some lap dogs. Loyal, fun, smart and affectionate the dog tends to be independent and stubborn sometimes. The coat of the Schnoodle requires some maintenance like trimming and grooming. Expect the dog to be an avid digger, and it has a tendency to hold blankets along with toys with its front paws like hands.


6. Peekapoo = Poodle + Pekingese

Along with the Cockapoo, this was one of the mixed Poodle breeds that during the 1950s and 60s. However the Peekapoo has not been given much attention like the Cockapoo, but for the last five decades, the breed has gotten enough notice. It is not an uncommon thing for a small mixed dog breed to excel in being a watchdog, but the Peekapoo does that job. If the dog sees a person it thinks is suspicious, it will bark loud.


7. Yorkipoo = Poodle + Yorkshire Terrier

This dog is the kind of dog that enjoys physical activities such as obedience and agility competitions. The Yorkipoo is good at performing tricks for the benefit of its owner and visitors. Possessing boundless love and energy the Yorkipoo with its low-dander, the low-shedding coat is the ideal lap dog for people of all ages. Like other mixed Poodle breeds, the Yorkipoo excels at training but be sure to use positive reinforcement on the dog and avoid any harsh methods of training it.


8. Pomapoo = Poodle + Pomeranian

Pinpointing the exact origins of some Poodle mix breeds is futile at best. Nobody knows of the Pomapoo origins, but what is certain is that the dog is friendly, intelligent and affectionate. Some Pomapoos are eager to meet other people while some are a bit reserved. These traits may be due to the socialization training it went through. This dog is highly adaptable to the lifestyle of its owner and daily walks as well as playtime keep it in shape.


11. Poochon = Poodle + Bichon Frise

Whether your home is in the suburbs with a big backyard or a small apartment; the Shihpoo will fit it in all of them. This delightful, fun-loving dog likes to play with its family or run around the home as a means of exercise. Though the dog can be stubborn, it has the gift of cheering up people especially those who are sad. Despite having a Shih Tzu in its parentage, the Shihpoo’s hair is moderately long.


10. Chipoo = Poodle + Chihuahua

A small outgoing, healthy dog that gets along with kids and has a coat that does not shed is the goal of dog breeders. Thanks to the efforts of Melbourne’s Chevromist Kennels during the 1990s the Poochon was produced. Unlike other Poodle breeds the Poochon’s hair does not shed, though some grooming and trimming are necessary. Households with children or other pets are no hindrance to the dog. The cute and lovable Poochon requires half an hour or more of exercise daily to keep it healthy.


12. Doxiepoo = Poodle + Dachshund

Surprisingly the dog has other names like Dachshunddoodle, Doxiedoodle, and Dachshundpoo.
However, the name Doxiepoo is the name preferred by dog lovers since it pronunciation is shorter. Most mixed Poodle breeds inherit 50/50 of their parents’ traits and characteristics. The Doxiepoo is one of those dogs that take more traits and characteristics from one parent. If the dog is mostly Poodle, it possesses a hypoallergenic coat and is a dog that is intelligent making its training easier. On the other hand, if the dog takes more from its Dachshund parent the fur it possesses is short making grooming an easy task. Additionally, its frame is lower and longer.

So many mixed Poodle breeds to choose from and all you need is one. It’s true that these breeds have the usual health problems, but don’t let it discourage you. These problems are treatable and can be prevented with proper care. Ultimately the mixed breed Poodle that you are going to choose depends on your personal preferences and current situation. Just remember to give your adorable pet the love and care that it needs.

Thank you for the messages about little Chanel.  She is much improved (ten days of antibiotics and cough syrup).  She is playing with her favorite puzzle toys and shadowing me after her naps.

Happy Poodle Sunday, 🐩

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." ~ Isaiah 41:10

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday Poodle Talk #3

Poodle breeds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Aside from the Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles, other kinds are sure to catch your eye and your love. If you’re the type who likes Poodle mix breeds, there’s a lot of Poodle mixed breeds that you can find. To get a mixed Poodle dog you have to know which Poodle crossbreeds you can choose. Here is a list of cute Poodle mix breeds to make your choice easier.

Today we are discovering the top 3 mixes.  If you own one of these poodle-mixes, feel free to add your personal experiences in the comment box.

1. Cockapoo = Poodle + Cocker Spaniel

If you want a sweet small dog that is funny and likes to clown around the Cockapoo is that dog for you. Cockapoos were some of the first designer dogs in the 1960s when Poodle dog breeders were cross-breeding Poodle breeds with other dog breeds. A Cockapoo is a lap dog so expect this breed to be intelligent, easily trainable and affectionate. So a dog of its size, it is agile, and it is superb at its role being a therapy dog.

2. Maltipoo =  Poodle + Maltese

One of the more attractive Poodle mix breeds to choose. This breed is the dog of choice for an individual or families that want a dog pet that can fit right in their homes. The Maltipoo is very attractive due to its charming persona, and it can be a very active dog. Because of its loving and fun-loving nature, grown-ups, as well as kids and elderly, will love this adorable dog.

3. Labradoodle = Poodle + Labrador

The dog’s original purpose was to be a guide dog that has a hypoallergenic trait. The breeders who originally bred this Poodle crossbreeds were members of the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia. The result of such a cross-breeding was the Labradoodle. This dog breed is affectionate, sociable and smart as well possessing the expertise of being a guide dog. These traits and role of the dog are the reason why the Labradoodle’s popularity is high.

Rodger A. Caras
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

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