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Contemporary Fiction and Today's Politics by Connie Vines @author_connievines

How should fiction set in today’s times treat politics?

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I do not mention politics in my contemporary fiction. My western romance and romantic suspense novels highlight regional influences and traditions but ignore politics.


It's not because I'm unaware of the world of politics, Global and within the U.S.A., I am writing fiction with a strong romantic element.  I do not find politics romantic.  And even if I did, by the time my novel came into print or were downloaded into eBook readers, the political climate could have changed--my hero's stance is no longer be considered 'hero-like', or, relevant.  

Now my historical novels are a different matter.  History is history.  Historical research involves  means fact collecting: diaries, journals, newspaper articles (different slants), art, government records, (often) first-person interviews, and photographs---there was no photo-shop history to hide scars, or disguise the look of hunger or sorrow in the eyes of children.

"Tanayia--Whisper upon the Water" highlights a 'hot-bed' of political, racial, and government policies from the late 1800s until early 1900s--when the Native American Indians was forced onto Reservations and their children to sent to government run boarding schools.

I choose my political stories with great-care.  I make a point of showing both-sides of the story.  The world was different, harsher, less-forgiving and less open-minded place then.  Life was often cut short. I do not paint anyone as purely 'evil' but a product of his or her time and or environment because everyone is a innocent at birth.

So, reader's what is your take on politics in a contemporary novel?

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