Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet Margaid from A Fine Cauldron of Fish

Hello there. I’m Margaid, I’m a leanan sidhe. I know, everyone’s like what’s a leanan sidhe. Well, we’re fey creatures, some call us fairy creatures, as in the fair people, we’re all very beautiful or so they say. We’re not mortals, though I have nothing against mortals. I love them. My husband, Andrew, is a mortal. And a mortal named Corny wrote a book about me. She really did. Her whole name is Cornelia Amiri but that’s a mouth full. Well, Corny calls my life a funny vampire story. And I’ll let her say that, because I love Corny. But I’m not a vampire. There is nothing wrong with my teeth, no pointed tips. Now my nails do extend magically, they lengthen several inches, like talons, but many find long nails beautiful. They do. Oh look, here’s Corny now.

Cornelia: “Hello Margaid. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I’ll be interviewing you here soon at Ginger Simpson’s fabulous Dishin’ It out blog.

Margaid: “Oh, goodie!”

Cornelia : Well that’s it for now. Margaid, you’re from the Isle of Man, say goodbye to everyone in Manx/Gaelic.

Margaid: Slane lhiat (slenn-L’YATT)

Cornelia: Goodbye for now.

Waving bye.

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  1. Hi Margaid. So glad to see you about the web I can't wait to read your interview.

    I enjoyed reading A Fine Cauldron of Fish


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