Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome Pat Dale

Hello, everybody. It’s nice to be here. And thanks, Ginger, for inviting me to drop by today. Before I say anything else, I’d like to remind anyone who has not read it yet, Ginger Simpson’s SHORTCOMINGS is a fine YA read. Not just for YA’s, but for adults as well. There’s a lesson in there we can all use.
I’ve got a couple of books out so far this year so I’ll say a few words about them, and then my next Muse It Up publication is coming up next month. I’m really excited about sharing it with the readers of the world.

SLEEPING WITH HER ENEMY was released by Muse in April. It tells the story of a woman who’s suffered enough tragedy for one lifetime but, as life is wont to do, she gets hit with more trauma when she tries to get up off the floor again. First Ana Henry’s hubby was killed in a wartime accident in Afghanistan, and then her son was killed in a hit and run accident in front of their new home in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Now she’s bonded with Dan Morrison, a widower with a young daughter, Sherry. Their love blossoms but when Ana finds a car hidden at his home that’s identical to the one that killed her boy, she has to ask if she’s been sleeping with her enemy.

CROSSED LINES is the twisted tale of a woman writer, Jane Rivers, who writes a fake story designed to eliminate her cheating hubby and his sexy colleague without having to kill them herself. Abandoned as an infant, she’d been abused by a foster father but managed to escape from that horror and grow up to lead a fairly normal life. Until good ol’ John-boy starts playing patticake with sexy Samantha Fellowes. Her psycho-drama progresses well, but there’s more afoot than Jane realizes; as she discovers at the end. CL is available in trade paperback or eBook from Whimsical Publications, and if you choose to read it alone late at night, you’re on your own. You might want to close the drapes and lock the doors. hehehe…

DANCE WITH THE DEVIL is a romantic family saga set in northern Nebraska, and will be released by Muse in July. Buddy Wilson’s teaching career traps him in a community where infidelity, illegitimacy, and incest seem the norm. He escapes from his unfaithful wife only to be caught up by his growing obsession with Robin Blaik, a younger woman he’s befriended. When their relationship grows too hot to cool down, they must face demons from their common past. The novel tells a story set in contemporary times that reads like it had come from this region’s pioneer past.

If you’re a romance reader, you might want to drop by www.patdale.net or www.patdaleromance.weebly.com and check out my other published romances. My latest work is in mystery and suspense, and I’ve got several books coming out over the next year. Also, I have a ‘tween novel for middle grade boys, ZACH’S AMAZING DREAM MACHINE, due out from Muse in September, and BLUE STREAKS, an erotic science-fantasy novella that Muse will release in November. Another family saga, this one a chiller. THE EVIL WITHIN, will make its way out in January, also by Muse.

Well, Ginger, that about ties it up for me today. I don’t know about you but I feel awkward when I talk about my own writing. I’d much rather be spouting off about the writing world or about the future of ePublishing. Or about just about anything else I can think of. But I cover lots of those topics on my blogs so I’ll close by thanking all your readers for coming by and listening to me. If anybody cares to check out my blogs, I’ll list the sites below. Happy reading, everybody!
Pat Dale

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  1. Wow, you've been busy and looks like more for my to buy list. I'm going to have to win the lottery or something.

  2. This is a favorite blog of mine, because it deals with two writers I have great respect for, Ginger Simpson and Pat Dale. I read Sleeping with Her Enemy several weeks ago and remember vividly the setting, captivating characters and story. Nothing works better than a tale that stays with you. Regarding Shortcomings, I am in the process of reading it now and parceling out ever charming and poignant page of it to myself in an effort to make it last longer. Like a fine wine, I am sipping it slowly. Such lovely, lovely writing. My elibrary certainly has some nifty stuff in it, thanks to you two!

  3. thanks for your gracious comments, Roseanne and Heather. Coming from two outstanding authors, it means a lot to me.
    Pat Dale

  4. Pat, your tales are just the kind I like. Romance but with backbone and real-life drama. I cannot wait to get a kindle and then i will be filling up with your books.

  5. Wonderful post. The books look and sound great! Will have to check them out. You're been extremely busy and are one author definitely to watch for. Congrats! Also major congrats to Ginger for her book Shortcomings! Great job.
    C.K. Volnek

  6. Pat has this quality that he can write and bring out emotions in readers. Each of his books are very different from the other.

    Here's wishing you continued success, Pat.

  7. Thanks Pat. You have a lot coming out and some impressive sounding stories already published. My curiosity is peaked with Sleeping with the Enemy...I have to say I want to know if that's the car that killed her son!


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