Monday, December 17, 2012

Friends are gifts we give ourselves by Rita Karnopp

There comes a time when we just need a friend. Oh, I know nothing takes the place of family, but have you noticed that it’s your friends you really rely on?  Have you noticed it’s your friends that you can literally explode at?  Have you noticed it’s to your friends that you can share how you truly and deeply feel?
‘Friends are gifts we give ourselves.’ I received these words of wisdom in a fortune cookie when I was about thirteen. I thought it was cute, but little did I realize those words would follow me the rest of my life.
One thing I have learned over the years is ‘you have to be a friend – to have a friend.’  Friendship is a two-way street. For years I would cling to friends, making those lunch calls, giving those cards and gifts, and making sure our friendship stayed strong. Then I asked myself –were the efforts all mine?  So I decided to test that friendship with – “I have made the effort the last twenty times we’ve gotten together – next time it’s your turn to call and set up lunch.”  Guess what . . . a month went by, then two, then six . . . and before I knew it … three years.  Yep, that was shocking.  Ever since that test - I use that as my ‘friendship guide’.  You should not be doing all the work to keep a friendship going. Period.
You will quickly recognize your true friends. They are still your friends even if you move to a different town. They will still call you for lunch when they are visiting your town. They will remember your birthday with a card … maybe even a gift. They email you - sometimes at home and sometimes at work. They share their life with you . . . and always ask what is happening in your life. Even if they get busy, you hear from them.
So what is my point for all this friendship information?   I’m just feeling nostalgic today about my friends. I’m grateful for their love, their support, the joy they bring into my life.  I love my family  -  but I equally love my friends.
I just want to remind everyone – be grateful for your friends.  Make time for them . . . they make time for you.  Be supportive of them . . . because they support you.  Do your best to be there for them when they need you . . . because you know they are always there for you.  Remember to be happy for the good things that happen in your friend’s life . . . you know they are happy for the good things that happen to you.  Don’t forget to thank God for the gift of friendships . . . without them we’d be very lonely and . . . let’s face it . . . we’d probably be a basket case!  J


  1. I'm sure I've fallen short of my friendship "duties" many times, but I find it strange that after years of having what I considered "best" friends, most of those have changed to "faceless" people I've met on the Internet. I would definitely be a basket case without those who let me lean on them, support me, and love me for the person I am. That includes you, my friend.

  2. Sweetie ... I so agree . . . I couldn't do without the support, shoulder, and love of my dear friends . . . and as you said, "That includes you, my friend."


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