Friday, August 23, 2013

Round-Robin Blog with Rita Karnopp #RndRbn0813

 Topic: Have you ever met a real-life character? Someone who was very different from your preconceptions, or someone who was just bigger than life, or whose lifestyle was so very different? A very eccentric someone? Tell about them (without giving real identities) in any manner you like. Did
they change your viewpoint? Did you use them as a fictional character?

Yes, I did meet a real-life character that I want to use in one of my books.  I actually worked for him.  He made over three million dollars a year . . . and that figure was going up each year.  He gave the persona that he was giving, heartfelt, never too big for his britches, and would always be there for me … if I needed him.  He was my mentor for life – and he would make sure I aspired for the best life could give me.

But… once I could no longer work for him – I never heard from him again.  Yep- that ‘I’ll always be there for you’ was surface deep.  You work your butt off and show me $$ results and I’m your best buddy.  Stop making $$ and ‘who are you?’  I sent him my first published book – and never heard ‘congratulations – I’m so happy for you!  Or ‘You did it!  I knew you could.’  NOTHING.  Yep… he was the person I truly believed in – and although I learned a lot about being positive and go after what I want – it still hurts to know he was superficial.

I am planning on using this character in one of my upcoming suspense books.  I wanted to use him in my current work, THUNDER, but he just didn’t fit in.  That is one thing about characters – they must fit into a story, or they’re useless or come across forced.

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  1. Hi Rita,
    Great blog, unfortunately there are many people like your ex-boss. They promise you the world but never deliver.



  2. The world is full of shape-shifters. It's hard when you find out someone you respected is one, but at least yours will provide great fodder for a fictional character.

  3. Thanks, Margaret ... so true .. and so sad. huh? And Rhobin ...I agree, it's harder when you like and respected the person - and find out you've been duped! I will use him someday in a book . . . soon! :)

  4. I've known people like that in my lifetime. They're called users. Someone very similar taught me the meaning "If you write welcome on your back and lay down, some folks will wipe their feet on you. I'm no one's doormat. :)

  5. Great blog. So many people are like that, unfortunately. You might be able to use him as a villain in a book, or one of those characters you love to hate.

  6. Great post. This is a sad but true story but it gave you plenty of fodder for a character. I'm thinking the shallow male made to realize he isn't as unforgetable as he thinks.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful character!

  7. I like how you put that, Ginger. And great minds think alike, Darkwiter and Lynn . . .He will make a great - mean under the surface villain, Darkwater. I like that added thought, Lynn, ...he isn't as unforgetable as he thinks. :) Rita


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