Monday, March 17, 2014

Amazon Countdown Deals - Rita Karnopp's Special Edition

Looking for deals? Who isn't. Below, you'll find the dates of Rita's scheduled deals:

Sacred Ground:
Kindle Countdown Deal 3/18/2014-3/25/2014
Kindle Countdown Deal 3/18/2014-3/25/2014

Dark Spirit:

Kindle Countdown Deal 3/25/14-3/31/14
Kindle Countdown Deal 3/25/14-3/31/14

This is one you won't be able to beat. Already, Rita's Special Edition offers three books for a ridiculously low price, and now Amazon is reducing it even more. Mark you calendars folks: 

 Kindle Countdown Deal 3/20/14 - 3/26/2014    Kindle Countdown Deal 3/24/2014 - 3/30/2014

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