Monday, April 12, 2021

Cajun Country Cooking on Monday's Blog

Flash Back to the Past! 
It's Cajun Cooking!

I miss Justin Wilson's Cajun Cooking Show.

I watched him on weekends. My husband is from Louisiana and enjoyed the mini vacation to the south when he watched his shows.

 Gotta love Justin Wilson's  funny stories.  And, no matter what was on the stove, everything needed more wine!

I'm finishing final revisions on my next BWL release.  "Gumbo Ya Ya an anthology for woman who like Cajun romance ".

My anthology also includes recipes for delicious Cajun meals.  All are home-cook friendly.

                                                                Gumbo and rice

Though, I may add a recipe for fried gator 'bites'! 

                                                                    Fried Gator Bites

Gator, if prepared correctly, is tasty. 

Happy Reading and wishing Ya'll adventures in cooking,


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