Saturday, September 22, 2018

I Do I Encourage Reading? #Round Robin #CharmedWriters #GemsintheAttic

How do I encourage reading?

This month's topic is very timely in today's digital world.  Paperback, hard bound, eBook, audio book?  The choices, as well as the genres, seem endless.

My day job is in education.  I began presenting stories to children during library story-time.  Later, I was a guest presenter during an English or Social Studies class.,  I have also taught writing workshops for young authors.

I believe it is more challenging now because of all the distractions.  Reading is not a passive activity, for me, this is one of the most difficult realities for children to accept.  For an introvert, reading is an accepted norm; for the extrovert, it seems foreign.  I believe the reader has helped because it resembles a game.

For my YA evaders, I add activities at the end if each of my stories, video trailers, and often contests and giveaways.

The same is true for my adult readers.  Sampler chapters, flash fiction, and coming attractions on my website and social media to offer a teaser to encourage reading.

Being a a reader, I present what I enjoy to my readership.  Sensory details, recipes, a detailed setting,s, multi-dementia characters, and unexpected twists and turns..  I hope I create characters and settings that are memorable and encourage readers to search for another good story after reading

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Happy Reading,

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  1. Hi Connie. Great information from an educational viewpoint. At the level I teach students need to be analytical readers which has also taught me a lot. Still, I know many of my students can't read well enough to be analytical, or even well enough to enjoy reading for the experience.

  2. I was not educated to be a teacher, but while in the Peace Corps I did end up teaching English as a second language and reading to the kids became one of my staple methods. Like you, however, I found making the reading interactive was far more effective. The kids loved it and I knew I was making a difference in a culture where becoming fluent in English is critical for a future career.

  3. Interesting to hear an educator's opinion on reading.

  4. Hi Connie, Interesting to see this question answered from another perspective. thank you, anne

  5. You present lots of interesting ways to get kids to read. Spot on about introverts (me) discovering books as kids. I read way above my level and found adult books as an 8 or 9 year old. Didn't always understand everything, but I plowed on through. Learning to read well and to be able to analyze what you read is a skill that will aid you your entire life and especially at work.
    Nice post!


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