Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Sprint of the Season by Connie Vines #RR, #Christmas

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To me the spirit of the season is about love, and often about sacrifice.  This sacrifice can take many forms:  be it a military man servicing overseas, overseeing a meal for the needy, and many other ways. 
“How much are you willing to sacrifice for someone you love?”

My Christmas teaser is taken from “Brede,” Rodeo Romance, Book 2.

          “You are welcome to stay on the ranch.”
          She placed her fingertips over his lips. “I can’t.”  The words trembled from her mouth in much the same manner her fingertips trembled against his firm lips.  “If someone’s trying to kill me, I’m putting you and everyone else on the ranch in danger.”
          “That’s the very reason you should stay.”
          She shook her head.  The sweetness of his words, his generous offer of help, brought tears to her eyes.  It would be so easy for her to stay, but that didn’t make it right.
          “if you’re worried about the kiss…”
          “No.”  She denied it much too quickly.  She was worried about how much she’d enjoyed his kiss, and how easy it would be to kiss him again.
          He gave her one of his rare, heart-stopping smiles, and Kate wanted to clutch his shoulders for support.  Instead, she pulled back to get a good look at him.
          “I’m a grown man,” he reminded her.  “I can take care of myself and so can my men.  No one’s going to hurt any of us.”
          She smiled back.  He did look big, strong, and invincible but fear clung to the edges of her mind.  Whoever had hurt her didn’t play by the rules, Brede might not like to admit it but the remoteness of the ranch would work in her attacker’s favor.  He had stalked her.  Thant meant he could be outside watching them now, and waiting for an opportunity to strike again.
          She bit her lower lip.  His face was only inches from hers, so close she could see the heavy stubble of his beard.  She had an urge to run her fingers over that dark shadow but she didn’t.
She knew if she touched his face, he’d kiss her, and things would get out of hand, just like that other time they were alone in the kitchen.  That’s why it was better that she leave, better that he believed someone had filed a report and wanted her back.  He’d done enough to help her, she owed him piece of mind, if nothing else.
          She was attracted to him beyond reason.  She had no business feeling this way about him.  After tomorrow, they might never see each other again.

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  1. I can't believe how many of us wrote just the start of something - I want to know where the rest of this story is going. Merry Christmas.

  2. Another teaser. When do we get the rest of the story?

  3. Great excerpt, I want to know how this works out. Guess I'll get the book.

  4. I am more intrigued about the prequel. Why is someone trying to kill her?

  5. It is interesting how many of you wrote a teaser to a story, but they got us all hooked and I'm thinking we may buy a few books over the Christmas season. Great excerpt, Connie.

  6. Nice little teaser. Left a lot of juicy questions I want answered.

  7. Don't stop. I want more. You just can't beat a hunky cowboy and a beautiful woman in a story. Such chemistry. Thanks.
    JQ Rose


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