Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Oddest Character I Ever Dream Up by Connie Vines #Round Robin

Thank you, Robin, for this month’s Round Robin Topic:

What is the oddest character you have every dream up, and how did he/she fit into a story?

Odd adjective, odd·er, odd·est.
differing in nature from what is ordinary, usual, or expected: an odd choice. singular or peculiar in a strange or eccentric way: an odd person; odd manners.

I seem to have eccentric people in most of my stories.

My favorite, however, is Caldwell, the cankerous cook in Brede, Rodeo Romance Book 2.

Caldwell keeps everyone on their toes.  His humor is biting, but Caldwell also has a soft-spot for those he cares about.  And to everyone’s amazement, he’s a bit of a Romero!

The ‘winner’ of my oddest character, should probably be awarded to Meredith, my zombie heroine in Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow.  Though I must admit, even in her Zombie persona, Meredith is surprisingly normal.  Perhaps this is what is ‘odd’.

How do you feel about odd characters in a novel?

What is the favorite ‘odd, oddish’ character from a novel?

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  1. I agree authors need to give their characters eccentricities to help personify them to the reader. I know I have a blend of both normal and odd. As your definition shows, everyone chooses what characteristics they think are odd, and sometimes the oddest characters are the most normal. Definition is everything, isn't it? Enjoyed your post!

  2. Odd characteristics give even ordinary characters color and depth... and make us care about them.

  3. Good post. I too, struggled with the definition of odd. I like eccentric better and I liked the reversal of the characteristics in Here today, Zombie Tomorrow.

  4. I interpretted odd to be "not normal", which gives us a whole lot of freedom! Since what is normal? Boring? Bland? We all try to create characters that are memorable. So I guess they all have their touch of odd about them.

  5. Thanks for reminding me of Meredith. I loved that book!


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