Saturday, April 18, 2020

True Life Humor in Your Writing--Yes or No? by Connie Vines @connievines`author

"Have you ever incorporated a true life humorous event in your writing?  How easy or difficult is it to do so?"
Thank you Skye for this month's topic.

Normally, I would say it was extremely easy and that I always include humor (not always events from my life).  However, since we have begun self-isolating, I find it more challenging.

I also find it challenging to keep track of the day of the week and the date.  Hence, my late posting (I didn't realize it was Saturday).

I'm not one for adding slap-stick humor, even though I have plenty of personal events to draw upon (a tumble off a horse, getting trapped between the front door and screen door, my lip frozen to iced freezer. wearing pumps (one navy, one black to work. . .)  Anyway, back to topic.

My person sense of humor does appear in the way my character's live life.  Lynx Maddox, shares my dry sense of humor.  While Rachel Scott pokes fun at herself.

While Meredith, being a Zombie and all, finds dark humor in her current, and unchangeable, course of events.

Humor makes life enjoyable.  Humor keeps depression a arm-length, especially when on is experiencing less socialization.  I manifests in many ways (Dr. Bob is more qualified than I to delve into this information). In my case, carrying on full-conversations with a hairy-little-co-worker (everyone wave at Chanel).

I find, like many others, today's current events and 'unending--24-7' coverage by the media overwhelming.  I listen to news briefs and the morning news.  Otherwise, I find it impossible to have any daily routine.  Of course, others are in my thoughts and prayers and I practice self-distancing when I do venture from my home.

The ground is too cold to plant seeds in my flower bed, but do like to spend time out on my patio.

Thursday was a beautifully sunny day in the high 70s; today it's overcast, predicated to rain, and  cold and breezy 51 degrees--not may favorite writing weather (being cold makes me cranky).  I'm brewing a pot of coffee and wearing a robe over my jeans and long-sleeved shirt to help me focus.

I've also redesigned my new website:  and added a new Author Facebook page, so I am staying busy. My books are 60% OFF - Give back to my Readers Promo!

Take care everyone and Stay-Safe.

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  1. This virus/pandemic and all that it involves could depress even the most cheerful among us, and as you mention, finding the humor keeps the depression at arm's length. It also helps put things into perspective. Keep on, keeping on.....

  2. Being a natural introvert my days have not changed that much, but I am making more phone calls than I normally do to check in on friends and family. Even in the cold, I'm planting lettuce today.

    I think my form of humor in writing is closely allied to yours. Enjoyed your post.

  3. Re: finding humor in our current situation--I live in the Chicagoland area. The Chicago mayor is a very tiny, Black, gay woman. She's the best!Since she closed off all parks and trails, to contain the virus, she's been the star of many memes. My favorites include the one for Easter, where Jesus is poking his head out of the cave, and she's there looking stern: "Nope!" Or the one where it shows the famous Seurat paining in the Chicago Art Museum, that's titled something like Saturday Afternoon in the Park. It's a park crowded with people. Then in pops Lori Lightfoot's stern face, then Poof! It's just the park, no people. If you can't laugh, you cry, and laughing leaves nicer lines on your face.

  4. Sounds like you have a natural talent for humor and use it well.
    And during these challenging times that's a benefit to you and in your writing.

  5. I liked the real-life events you decided not to tell us about, like being caught between the door and the flywire. Such things are funny -- much later. I can laugh about them having happened to me, but not when it's others. So, stop doing things like that, you hear?

  6. I agree there is nothing funny about the current situation, but hasn't it brought out the best in a lot of people? Acts of random kindness, and more kindness in general. And yes, all those gifs and memes that make us smile or laugh out loud, too.


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