Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Admit it, You do it too! (fb avatar and Bored Panda) by Connie Vines #Facebook, #personal avatar, #Bored Panda

Admit it, you've created your personal avatar on Fb this week.

No one seems pleased with the selection choices; nor the results. Still, we hone our little avatars to defected-perfection so if someone squints, or plays-trombone with a cell phone, they can shout, "it does look like you!"

I must admit my personal fb avatar looks 'somewhat' like me.  Bitmoji (is this still around?) was much more accurate and fun to update ('cos the make-up and clothing selection changed with the seasons, too).


My main complaint with my personal avatar is the lack of correct facial features (yes I get it--it's a free thing on fb).  However, in real life, I have a small mouth and a small chin.  Therefore, when I smile you see maybe 8 upper teeth.  Well, my poor avatar has about 20-Chiclets-sized teeth crammed into the front of her mouth.

Is that realistic?

Opossums have 50 teeth. 50!  (I'm a fan of opossums BTW).  And even with those 50 teeth, only a couple of teeth show then a baby opossum smiles.


Meatball the Opossum – Raven Ridge Wildlife Center Blog

What gives with the fb teeth to mouth ratio?

"What else have 'we' been doing this week?" you ask.

Almost every morning, I brew a pot of coffee, let Chanel run-free in my enclosed L-shaped backyard while I grab my newspaper off the front porch.  About that time, Chanel as pushed the not-quite-shut-door open and comes bounding inside.

Channel 5 TV is on so we sit together on the Lazy-boy sofa in the living room. I'm crammed into one corner of the sofa because the 8 lb. dog needs a great deal of acreage (she says).  With my cup of coffee and cell phone on the end table, I open the paper, skim the local news and listen to the broadcast.  Then it's onto my second cup of coffee while I read my morning pop-ups on my cell phone.

Bored Panda.


Yep, the cereal box controversy.

Tabs, or no Tabs?

Real, fairy tale, or hoax?

Drum Roll. . . .I accepted the challenge.  FYI: my box of stale Cheerios had a torn box-top and tissue-paper-thin tab. . .

My result

Did you participate in the Cereal Box Challenge??

Stay tuned:

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