Saturday, November 21, 2020

My Favorite Blog Posts (Sharing is Caring) by Connie Vines #RR90

 This month’s topic: Review or recommend a book, a short story, or post on someone’s blog.

Wow! This is a difficult topic.  There are sooo many excellent books, short stories, online articles, and blog posts.

One of the blogs I follow is “The Eclectic Writer” by Janet Lane Walters.  Her blog is about writing and the things that effect a writer. About her books and those of others.

While I follow many other blog sites (everyone who is a member of our happy band of RR writers, of course), and fellow BWL author, Janet Lane Walters. Janet is always writing.  I don’t know if, or when, she sleeps. She posted 31 blog posts in October. That is a blog post EVERY day.  324 blog posts as of yesterday.  Wow!  Janet, like Diane Bator, are always interviewing authors and posting book reviews.  When I grow-up, I want to be just like them!

Well, I’m grown-up. . .and so far, I don’t seem been following their example. While Janet writes about “Meandering on Mondays” I really am meandering on Mondays—the garden, the pups training sessions, menu planning, taking photos of the red-tailed squirrel who steals my avocados.  

I’ve tried the early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise bit.   At 5:00 a.m. all I can manage to do is clutch my mug of coffee and wonder why it’s still dark outside.  So, I’ve decided that I am a nocturnal person. I do my best writing between 8:30 p.m. and 2:30 a.m.  (Yes, it’s dark outside during that time, too.)  I’m up by 7:30 a.m. and functional after a cup of coffee and 30 minutes of the morning news report.  

As for my favorite book, “The Author’s Checklist” by Elizabeth K. Kracht is my current recommended read.

Since I like to multi-task, I follow a video Story Time hour on Facebook by Lisa Salvary via the group: “Romance in Her Prime”.  Lisa reads (with character voices) or the author reads from a novel featuring heroines 34 years +.  If you miss the live broadcast, you can logon later to watch and listen.  This is free, fun, and new books are featured throughout the week. You just have to request to become a member.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

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  1. You aren't alone in that nocturnal world. I have always been a night owl and now that I no longer march to the 9-5 drummer, I can organize my life accordingly. I was out for a walk one day when I passed a fellow walker and said, "Good Morning." They looked at the watch and suggested it was afternoon. My reply? "For someone who routinely stays up until 2 or 3, anytime before 2:00pm is still morning!" They laughed, but it's true. My best writing is either evening or the wee hours. I'm going to check into that Checklist for Writers.

  2. I'm the opposite. I'm in bed by 7 pm, asleep by 9 pm, and up at 4 am, especially now that I'm working from home. Interesting blogs and other resources, Connie.

  3. I need to be asleep by Midnight, and don't do much before 7- 7.30 am. I like the evening for hobby type stuff - knitting and puzzles. Read in bed. anne

  4. I'm with you these days, Anne. I get up about 8, then do Jazzercise for an hour every morning after breakfast (on-line.) Then I jump into my day on-line. Or real-life errands. After dinner is some crocheting while I watch TV with the husband for a short time, then we turn it off and read. He reads only sci-fi, while I mostly read romance. Then I do my crosswords for a while before bedtime, and head upstairs to wake him to come to bed. In so many ways, I'm glad we're the same age. I can't imagine being married to someone much younger than you, who wants a nightlife, when you're asleep in your chair by 9pm. Snicker.

  5. "There are many mountains to God, and many paths up each mountain" is a Shintoist saying.

    You are fine as you are, no need to copy anyone else. And the criterion is how good, not how much.


  6. I'm with you Connie, another night owl. Not quite 2:30 am but midnight to 1:00 am. Interesting post. thanks for sharing.


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