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Christmas Teaser. . .Who Doesn't Love a Holiday Romance? By Connie Vines #RR #RoundRobin

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Today is our December Round Robin Blog Hop. 

 Todays Topic: A story excerpt, flash fiction, or short story.

I have chosen an excerpt from my contemporary romantic suspense novel, "Brede" Book 2, Rodeo Romance Series.

Setting: Northern New Mexico, USA

Brede tried to focus on the things Kate did that reminded him of other city women, but he couldn't. Though he hated to admit it, He liked the way she made his coffee, and he liked the way she waited up for him. If he stayed out late in the lambing pens. He also liked the way she smiled at him. She had one of the most dazzling smiles he'd ever seen.

She poured two cups of coffee.

He reached for his cup at the same moment she reached for it. His fingers grazed the top of her hand.

She glanced up at him through her lashes, but she didn't move.

He studied her for a moment, taking in the serious set of her mouth. Touching wasn't such a good idea right now. 

"If you change your mind about going to town into the morning, I'll understand."

"I know. But I think it's for the best."

He inhaled the scent of her hair, floral and womanly.

She sighed when his arms went around her. She snuggled closer, coffee forgotten, telling herself that this was nothing more than a comfort hug between friends. She knew this wasn't the case. What she was feeling for Brede went far beyond the boundaries of friendship. She had no right to harbor those feelings, but she couldn't deny them either.

"You're welcome to stay at the ranch.--"

She placed her fingertips over his lips. "If someone is trying to kill me, I'm putting you and everyone else on this ranch in danger."

"That's the very reason you should stay."

She shook her head. The sweetness of his words, his generous offer of help, brought tears to her eyes. It would be so easy to stay, but that didn't make it right.

"If you're worried about the kiss..."

"No." she denied, too quickly. She was worried about how much she'd enjoyed his kiss, and how easy it would be to kiss him again.

He gave her one of his rare, heart-stopping smiles, and Kate wanted to clutch his shoulder for support. Instead, she pulled back to get a good look at him. "I'm a grown man," he reminded her. I can take care of myself and so can my men. No one is going to show up on this ranch and harm anyone."

He did look big, strong, and invincible. Still, fear clung to the edges of her mind. Whoever had hurt her didn't play by the rules. Brede might not like to admit it but the remoteness of this ranch would work in her attacker's favor. He had stalked her. That meant he could be outside watching them now. Waiting for an opportunity to strike again.


Trouble is something hard-edged rancher, Brede Kristensen, knows all about. A widower with rambunctious young daughter, a ranch to run and an ornery cook who has just run off, Brede doesn't need another problem. 

Beaten and left for dead, Amberlynn Maddox has no memory of her past.  Accepting Brede's offer as temporary ranch cook, the woman, now called Kate, discovers the sexy rancher with his protective nature and sizzling kisses has claimed her heart. 

When a madman discovers Amberlynn's hiding place, no one is safe from harm; not Brede, his young daughter--or Amberlynn herself!

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 Wishing all of my readers and visitors a blessed holiday season.



  1. Sounds like an exciting story. Thanks for posting.

  2. Great hook for what sounds like a great romantic suspense.

  3. OOh, can't wait. I just got Lynx and Brede for some Christmas reading. I'm half way through Lynx and now can't wait to get to Brede. Thanks for the teaser, Connie.

  4. Definitely grabs you and makes you want to read more.

  5. Love cowboys and romantic suspense. What a great combo and rich writing.
    JQ Rose

  6. Lots of potential in this, Connie. anne

  7. Interesting excerpt. Makes the reader want to find out more about your characters and how their lives progress.

  8. Enjoyed the interaction and the hint for upcoming dangers. Brede sounds like a good read!



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