Saturday, January 23, 2021

What's on your 2021 To-do List? By Connie Vines #RoundRobin, #WritingTips

 What is on your writing to-do list for this year? 

Do you have any long-range goals or just wrap-ups?

My writing to-do list for 2021. 

Working from home with Zoom meetings and workshops, you would assume more writing would be accomplished. 

Not so, it seems.  

I usually write 9:00pm 2:00am but I've had to make a change because I can no longer  function on only 4 hours of sleep (well, not for more than two days-in-a-row). 

So here I am, at 12-noon, typing on my keyboard, sipping boysenberry tea and trying not to be distracted by the 'day-light' view of my garden.

Gardenia blossom and new buds

My 1st hibiscus blossom 

I have projects to complete during January and February: my anthology (Cajun) and 2nd novella in my fantasy series.  I also have outlines for a YA historical, and Book 3, of  my Rodeo Romance Series.

I do have long-range goals, also. I plan on posting author interviews on my blog(this one 😃 ) and additional book reviews "I Dug-It". I am toying with the revival of my cooking/ gardening blog.

Now to the nuts-and-bolts!

I have a 2021 calendar dedicated to my daily word-count and mechanical pencil!

I seldom share my fascination with office accessories. I love calendars, journals (with those colorful tabs (alpha or month), college-ruled notebooks, folders, pens (not gel), markers and erasable white/black boards, clamps...well, you get the picture.  And I'm exercising extreme self control in purchasing 1 calendar for all of my project 'word-counts' (all entrees will be color-coordinated, of course)

Since my office is in upheaval, due to a flooring install in February, I'm working at my sewing table in the guest room. It's hardly ideal because I have to lean back so don't face-plant into the computer screen. 

I guess moving back into my dedicated office needs to be added to my 2021 to-do list!

Visit my co-Round Robin participant's blogs to see their plans and surprises!

Happy 2021, Everyone!


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  1. I understand your office equipment obsession and notebooks. I've kept calendars with places for daily notes for many years. It's almost like journaling, which I do, too. I did not work on my writing during 2020. I've plans but no incentive. My garden is under snow but not the 40" usual at this time of year; still, I cannot see blooming flowers like your can. Hopefully, we can all spring forward!

  2. You’re so lucky to have a dedicated office. I’m relegated to wherever I can find that’s not occupied at that particular moment. For a while, it was in my bedroom on the comfy chaise lounge at the foot of the bed. Nowadays, it’s primarily at the dining room table or the living room couch. I’ve been wanting to pull out the grass in my yard for several years now and plant a combination native plant/edible garden that attracts bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Recently, I read an article about dry farming, so now I want to do some research on that to see how I can incorporate it into my fruit/veggie garden.

    You also sound very organized, almost scarily so. LOL Perhaps if I kept a daily word count, I’d write more than one book per year. :)

    Hopefully, your floors will be installed soon and you can return to your office.

  3. So looking forward to your RR Bk 3. Thoroughly enjoyed Lynx and Brede. Your Cajun romance will have to go on my list too. And I have to say, Connie, I so envy your garden!

  4. Sounds great, Connie. And if you are desperately looking for people to interview, I am available. Only thing is, as you know, I am a grumpy old man with no sense of humor. Can I help it if people laugh at me?
    That night-writing sounds interesting. When the rest of the world sleeps, you are on fire!

  5. Hi Connie, Like Rhobin, I totally get the stationery stuff. It's notebooks here and A4 paper cut into strips longways - they for my research snippets. Good luck with it all. We have some wonderful flowering Daphne in the garden. Scents the air... Anne

  6. I'm amused by your calendar with word counts. While I have 5 calendars, each has a different purpose. And only the one hanging next to my laptop involves my writing. On it I put all of my scheduled blogs appearances, so I'm sure to get things to the authors whose sites I'm visiting, on time.

    Right now is the middle of winter, so there's no gardening going on. But when he can, my husband is the one doing it all. I just enjoy the tomatoes and the peppers that he plants every year. The bushy-tailed rats, otherwise known as squirrels, eat all of the fruits off the 4 fruit trees he planted years ago. Just once, I'd like to taste one of his apples, pears, peaches and have more than a couple cherries.

  7. Another ambitious list of goals for this year. Good luck with all of them including increasing your blogging.

  8. A writer who is fascinated with paper, pens and the like? I think we need a self-help group! I've worked from home since March 2020 and have up and down days when it comes to feeling accomplished.
    This year will be amazing. Regardless!


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