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Characters in Your Stories--Back Story and other Secrets By Connie Vines #Round Robin, #HEA, #Romance, #Writing Tips, #Character Motivation

 Round Robin topic, July 2022:

What aspects of your characters were cut from the story? 

 Thank you, Connie (me), for this month's topic 📓


While the others in our RR group may respond to all six topics, I am choosing one or two (depending on how wordy this post becomes 😉).


  • Aspects of your characters that were cut from the story. (part of the backstory/ character motivation).
  • Characters not in your book(s.)

"Lynx" Book 1 of my Rodeo Romance Series, takes place in a small Montana town. The locals: Rachel, Charlene, and Wes (the owner of the coffee shop) are the core group of characters.  The locals of course appear in scenes, but in cameo roles. Rachel speaks of her father (late), mother (not in the picture), and the grandmother who raised her.

Lynx and Dan are related and travel the rodeo circuit together. Lynx is from Texas and often mentions his family. Lynx is close to his sister, Amberlynn, and his parents.

What did I cut from the story?

Charlene was toned down.  Charlene was wild-- AKA: a 'Buckle Bunny".  I realized this would not mesh with my heroine's hang-ups.  So, I toned her down to a sassy, brassy, side-kick.

By mentioning Lynx's sister and his family, I had the perfect tie-in to the second book in the series, "Brede".

Whereas 'Lynx' was a romance novel; 'Brede' is a romantic suspense novel.

What did I cut from the story? Since it is romantic suspense, I did have my core characters: Brede, Kate/Amberlynn, Caldwell, Dwayne (supply the comic relief), and, of course, the mysterious and elusive bad guy.

What did I cut from the storyline? 

 My original draft had a more violent tone.  Since I'm prone to nightmares after watching "MeerKat Manor" I kept most of the violence 'off set', so to speak.  I also amped up the humor with my secondary characters.  I even gave cranky old Caldwell a love interest. 

  • Topic 2, Characters not in your book(s.)

I never have Rachel's mother appear in the book. Nor do I attempt to resolve the rift between them. Why? Because this is a romance between two people. Unfortunately, some relationships cannot be mended. (Perhaps at some later point in time). 

Nor, do I have ex-husbands or ex-wives appear in my stories.  I suppose it would work in a Rom-Com romance. Still, even though it's not true to life--I don't find jealousy,  undermining, or third-person interference appropriate in a romance novel.  (Yes, I know Cinderella had an evil stepmother and two stepsisters in her story.)  👠🕛🐴🧚

I'm not making a judgment call. 

Each writer has a personal interpretation of what defines HEA (Happily Ever After).  This is what defines 'the writer's voice".

Please visit these fabulous authors. I'm certain they have delightful stories to share! 

Happy Reading, 



Connie Vines

Marci Baun

Anne Stenhouse

Dr. Bob Rich

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Judith Copek

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