Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogging For Ginger Spice

Hey Ginger Spice,
I finally weeded my way thru the hullaballoo of trying to get to your blogsite and Lordy, what did I find there that had my eyeballs popping out on their stems?....but an old blog of mine I started months ago I forgot I'd done....Leave it to was when I first started a little story I planned to write and did it as a blog thingy, then stopped and never got back to it, although I have written a lot more of the story since then....Okay, enough of that...These days I'm busy with promoting my debut novel, "Witch's Brew" a paranormal romance written under the pen-name, Tabitha Shay released by Eternal Press Publishers which can be found at
I'm also up to my hips trying to get book two of the witch series finished by deadline. "Witch's Heart" is due out in Feb. of 08, followed by, "In the Arms of Danger" a contemporary western romance written under the pen-name, Jaydyn Chelcee. Between blogging, answering emails, playing on the EP reader and author loops and Myspace site, and playing Scrabble with my online Scrabble buddy, I'm a busy person with little time to catch my breath and I love it! I'll soon have a brand new website up and running done by a pro which certainly leaves me can't wait to get the word out to everyone once it's finished and up for viewing....So, my year for 08, when it comes to writing and being published is pretty much set, unless I manage to churn out book three of the witches in record time, then I might have three releases, that's a big if though, because I'm also going to be busy serving as Chairperson for the OWFI Conference again next year in Oklahoma City as well as assisting with the registrations for the convention. So big things going on...more Salem witch stories in the works and certainly book two to the Danger series as well....Hmm, well guess I've blabbed enough here. Thanks for asking me to be your guest. Bet you weren't expecting me to dump all this on you you on the loop....Tabitha Shay

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Unknown said...

Thanks CONTAB (Connie/Tabitha) for visiting and sharing. For those of you who aren't familiar with Tab's writing, you should visit Eternal Press and check her out. She's a rare find, both as a friend and an author.

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