Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Carol Shenold Debuts "Privy to Murder"

Hi. I'm Carol Shenold and Ginger invited me to visit with you all. I have a new book out. "Privy to Murder" is a paranormal cozy mystery complete with two murders, a ghost and a single mother trying to cope with the gift that allows her to see the past when touching a person or object. Since that "gift destroyed her marriage, and split up her family, she's inclined to ignore it. Unfortunately for her, an angry ghost makes that impossible and she is forced into the uncomfortable position of try to solve two murders.
Please come to and read "Privy to Murder." Also, come visit my website and read excerpts at Http://
Now what kind of mystery/paranormal/romance does everyone like. I'm a big fan of Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris and her Sookie Stackhouse books and Kim Harrison myself. I love mysteries and they are even better with a ghost or two thrown in. If you go to my site and read the excerpt and tell me in a post to this site, what animal Tali had a close encounter with, you will be eligible for signed postcards and bookmarks from "Privy to Murder." Talk to you soon. Carol


Anonymous said...

I really DO need to pare down on my sleep time -- so much to read, so little time, a tune we all know too well. Privy to Murder is high on my to-read list, of course.
mary lou the lurker

JeanP said...

Anything that has a ghost in it is for me. lol I love a really good mystery, timetravel and just plain ole hot steamy romance. I do wish all of y'all didn't have such interesting books tho, I'm going to be oh so broke.

Carol said...

Thanks Mary Lou and Jean. Just hop right over to Eternal Press and buy those books. I love when people like to read as much as I do. Books are so much fun. Join me at my blog, Isn't Ginger's blog fun. Makes you want to read everything.

mizging said...

I've got Carol's book and plan to find a quiet time to sit and read. Not easy with an autistic grandson stimming in my ear constantly. *lol* I've read the excerpts and I was sold. I'll post a review here when I'm finished.

I have to say that by re-releasing my debut novel, Prairie Peace, through Eternal Press, I've already become richer... not in money, but great author friends who are supportive, helpful and fun to spend cyber time with... like Carol. :)

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