Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is my new car!

Yesterday afternoon seemed like a nightmare about to unfold. Luckily it got better, but let me tell the story in third person so it's less painful, but just remember, it's about me. I'll call myself Gigi, just... just because I like that name. :)

Gigi glanced at clock and noticed it was time to leave. Her husband had to get to his eye appointment at the doctor in Sparta--seventy-five miles away. Rather than take the gas-guzzling Denali, they took Gigi's new car. Since her son and his family were going up to visit in-laws in the same town, grandson, Spencer wanted to ride with 'Nee Nee' and Papa. The trip up included a cruise through McDonalds, but everything went smoothly.

After dropping Papa at the eye doctor, Nee Nee decided to take Spencer on up the hill to his other Grandmother's house. When Gigi arrived and opened her car door, the keys in the ignition set off the most annoying buzzer, so she yanked them out and slapped them onto the passenger seat. (You see it coming, don't you.)

She got out, closed her door and tried to open Spencer's, only to find it locked. Her hand moved swiftly back to the driver's door, praying what she feared wasn't happening. It was--she'd locked her autistic grandson in the car, securely fastened in his car seat.

Smiling faces appeared from the garage to welcome Gigi and her grandson, but all she could do was collapse into tears. "I've locked Spencer in the car," she sobbed.

"Cute car, by the way", other Grandmother commented as she put a supporting arm around Gigi's shoulders. It's okay. We'll get him out.

Uncle Danny checked the doors and announced the obvious. "Yep, they're locked." He didn't have tools to get inside so he tells his mother, "Call 911."

After Jean called and informed them of the situation the trio of adults waited outside the car, peering in at Spencer and hoping he would understand the sudden instructions to push on the red button. He didn't, just continued to look confused at the faces mashed against the window.

A pickup truck stopped and a family piled out. Gigi clasped her throat hoping the Sherrif's Office has sent an off-duty person. The driver saunters over. "We heard it on the radio and thought we'd come see if'n we could help. I ain't got no tools."

More faces mashed against the window, more instructions and more confused looks from Spencer. Still no police.

Gigi's heart jumped with joy (bad analogy, I know) when she spied her son's truck coming down the road. He'd barely stopped the vehicle when she accosted him in tears. "I've locked Spencer in the car."

"You're fired." He laughed, and methodically pulled a slim jim from his tool bin and set to work freeing his son.

Within five minutes, Spencer was free and acting as though nothing whatsoever happened. Still no police.

Gigi took a deep breath, gathered her wits and bid them all goodbye. She had to get back down the hill to pick up Papa. As she continued deep breathing exercises and wound her way back to Sparta (still no police coming up) she started to relax and vowed to make a spare key and hide it somewhere beneath the car. Pictures of what might have happened had she locked him in where there wasn't a phone flashed through her mind. Her purse and cell phone had remained inside with her precious cargo.

Turning onto the street of the eye doctor's office, Gigi spied two parking places almost in front. She passed by, flipped a u-turn and got into position to back into the space in front of the one car there. With a quick check over her left shoulder, she looked over her right one to watch the curb, tree and bumper of the other vehicle. Thud! She hit something.

Her breath caught in her throat. "What the hell?" She muttered and looked left again. An elderly woman stood outside her vehicle, only the nose of her car into the parking space directly behind Gigi.

Gigi got out. "What are you doing?"

"I wanted to park here." The woman continued to check among a years worth of dirt and bug guts for damage.

"Didn't you see me backing up?" Gigi felt her frustration rise.

"Yes, but you just kept coming and coming." Still looking for damage.

Shouldn't that have been a clue to the other drive?

"Since I was already halfway into this spot with my backup lights on, I think you should have seen I wanted this space."

"But I wanted to park here." The woman calmly decided there was no damage (her ass end of her car is still in the street) and opened the back door, took out a bag of clothing and deposited it on the front door of the building nearby. Without another word she got in her car and drove away.

Gigi went inside the doctor's office and had a meltdown, vowing not to drive home despite whether or not the eye doctor had dilated Papa's eyes.

Sensing her tension, Papa decided Nee Nee needed a nice dinner, so he took her Logans and they lived happily ever after... at least until they went home and decided that since they had the house all to themselves this might be a nice time to get romantic. That's another story in itself and one Gigi will keep to herself. *lol*


Diane M. Wylie said...

Poor NeeNee, that is a day from hell! A new car doesn't come along every day, and to accidentally lock her grandson inside and then have a minor accident--that is too much to take in one day! I hope there was no damage to her car, she didn't say.

If it makes her feel any better, I accidentally locked my son in the car too when he was only 2 years old, and the keys were in the ignition. Actually, he locked himself in by getting out of his car seat and stepping on the electric lock button...and it was pouring rain at the time! I had to send my 6-year old daughter home with a neighbor while I tried to get him to unlock the car. Thankfully, he finally managed to put the window down enough for me to reach inside and unlock it. But it was panic there for a while!

Anonymous said...

LOL poor Gigi had a heck of a day. I guess it's a good thing the police didn't show up then or we would have had a hysterically Gigi on our hands. I'm glad that you were able to get Spencer out and that you managed to make it home in one piece. Btw, love your car.

Ciara Gold said...

Ah man, I've had days like that one, but I'm so glad no one was seriously hurt in both situations. Your grandson probably thought it was all a game. Let's hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible time, Ginger! Ooooh, I can only imagine the panic you felt. Hopefully your grandson will remember it as one of those incomprehensible things adults sometimes do.

Leanne said...

What a horrible day! And I can sympathize with the panic 'Gigi' felt at locking her grandson in the car. I locked our daughter in our car when she was less than a year old. I ran (looking like a crazed woman no doubt)into the nearest store and screamed, "I locked my baby in the car." Fortunately, a man inside had a coat hanger that he twisted and manipulated until he got the lock open. My daughter was fine, but I was an absolute basket case!

Desirée Lee said...

Yikes! Well thankfully nobody was hurt. Plus there's a story to tell Spencer when he gets older.


Unknown said...

Sounds like an email episode! I wrote an entire book using stories like this. Getting any ideas? :)

Yvonne Perry

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Cute car! Your style reminds me of Joyce Faulkner's. If you want to connect with her, let me know at hojonews @ She writes for Maybe the two of you could promote together. Can't help it. Always thinking about editing and promoting!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Award-winning author of the series of book for writers

Hal said...

Great story and a great finish! It's always nice to end a day wrapped in love.

Cherie J said...

Sounds like a day from hell alright! Sorry to hear that. Hope the rest of the week goes better.

Spencer said...

Chuckle! Gigi it's always refreshing to know that you are not the only one to have silly things happen to you. With a day ending on such a good note, the journey deffinately justifies the destination. If in the process you have to shake your head and hear the mysterious cowbell ring in the depths of a long forgoten figment of your deranged imagination....


Unknown said...

Someone suggested that I get a hide-a-key box and strategically locate a spare key somewhere within the depths of the engine compartment. Wouldn't that mean that I would have to have the memory to remember where I put it?

This looks like a no-win situation to me. :)

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