Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Thursday Morning

Well this was a questionable start to my day. As usual, I got up at 6:00, woke up my grandson, hurried him around to get him dressed for school, and of course today, he was eager about going. At 7:00, I shuffled him out to the car, fastened him in his seat and we were on our way. Imagine my surprise, and his actual disappointment, to see not one car at the school. No crossing guard, no traffic jam, no school. Someone forgot to tell NeeNee (that's me).

I re-read the note his teacher sent home, and it said, "Parent Teacher day will be October 11 from 1:-7:00 pm, there will also be no school on October 12, an in-service day." The key word in that sentence is ALSO and I missed it. Oh well, we had a nice morning outing, but it sure put the skids on everything I had planned today. Sigh!

Such is life when you are approaching senility. :)


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