Thursday, October 25, 2007

It Just Isn't Fair!

I turned on the television this morning only to find a message from Direct TV. While I slept, they decided that the colors on my menu... the very colors that I'd become accustomed to seeing and liked, weren't what I needed. They decided to change them for me.

How kind of them. But shouldn't I have been asked if I preferred other hues? I'm not at all satisfied with the combination of light turquoise and orange that they've selected. The writing is harder to see and those aren't 'my' colors. I should know, I had my color chart done some time ago... you know, where they drape you in a rainbow of scarves to see which best fits your complexion. Orange washes me out and light turquoise makes me look sick. I'm not feeling very well and it's all Direct TV's fault.

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