Friday, October 26, 2007

Mark Your Calendars - November 14th

CHRISTEE GABOUR ATWOOD - Author of Journal of a Midlife Crisis will be my guest for the day. You won't want to miss out on her insight into midlife. In the coming days, I'll be sharing the titles of some of her chapters, but in the meantimes, here's a teaser for you:

A Celebration of Midlife … and Elastic Waistbands Christee Gabour Atwood remembers the exact moment when her “midlife crisis” began. She was visiting the campus where she had attended college when she says, “A handsome young man opened a door for me. And then he called me ‘ma’am’.” With that one word, she knew midlife was upon her.

Many people recognize this scene or have ones similar to it that marked the beginning of their midlife crises. And that is what Atwood is celebrating in her book, Three Feet Under: Journal of a Midlife Crisis.


Jean P. said...

I hate to see a grown woman cry. lol

I'm so far pass midlife, I need a refresher course. It will be interesting to see what others are going through and be able to sit back and laugh at all the experiences those that aren't there yet will go through.

mizging said...

I agree Jean. If she thinks midlife is a challenge wait till she's perched on the 'hill of despair' looking at the big cavern awaiting her. *lol*
Still, I read her book and it's really cute and funny. Everyone can identify with at least part of what she shares. said...

So I guess I need to plan on post-midlife crisis, hill of despair crisis, senility crisis, etc.??? Oh well, at least it will make a good series of books!!

Thank goodness I function best in crisis mode...

I had the cutest woman at one of my events tell me, "Honey, if you think this midlife crisis thing ever ends, you're in for a surprise." She was in her 90s.

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