Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Tournament Knight by Marisa Chenery

Since I posted about my first book, The Blue Lotus, yesterday today I thought I would post about my second book that will be released sometime this November by New Concpets Publishing. A Tournment Knight, if you haven't already guess by the title, is an historical romance. It is mostly set during the 12th century in England. The heroine, Jacqueline, disguises herself as her twin brother after their father mortally wounds him during a tournament. Devasted by her brother's death Jacqueline is determined to face her father in the list. With the help of an older knight who serves her mother, Jacqueline takes up arms with a vengence. Terric is a knight who earns his way by following the tournament circut. After realizing who Jacqueline truly is, Terric takes over her instruction in arms and soon loses his heart to her.

I'll post the blurb for A Tournament Knight below. I hope very soon to have the cover and an excerpt posted on my website.


Jacqueline Montacute's twin brother is killed in a joust. He has been struck down by their scheming father who has no love for his family. To seek revenge Jacqueline must pose as a knight in her brother's stead. Along the way to reaching her goal, she finds love in the arms of a tournament knight, Sir Terric Aubrey. But in exacting her revenge she puts their love to a test that could very well end in Terric's death.

Marisa Chenery
The Blue Lotus - Avaliable now at Liquid Silver Books
A Tournament Knight - Coming Nov. 07 at New Concepts Publishing


peggy said...

your book sounds awesome.

Marisa Chenery said...

Thanks, Peggy. I have my cover for it now and just posted it here.


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