Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Hey Everyone,

I'm sharing the link with you to the Readers' Station November Newsletter. Check it out. Some of your favorite authors *hint hint* might be mentioned.

Readers Station
Don't forget to order your copy of:
Journeys of a Lifetime –
An Anthology by Members of the Readers Station

We invite you to come aboard the Readers' Express as it pulls out of the Readers' Station. Will you be on board to experience a new adventure? Our tour guides will transport you to other places, times and worlds - for trips of a life time. We transport you on these adventures through our books. The Readers' Station gives fiction and non fiction readers of many genres and topics the chance to learn more about books and the authors who write them.
The tour guides of the Readers’ Station are happy to announce the release of our anthology – Journeys of a Lifetime. The name was chosen by visitors to our website and our message board and it embodies the idea behind our group. We extend an invitation to you to visit our website and message board.

Journeys of a Lifetime

Join our special tour guides and travel to places you have only dreamed about. See the Taj Mahal, visit Australia, Ireland, New England…

But, this is a magical journey, so you never know what might happen. You could find yourself in the past, in the future, in a fairytale, waiting for a train in a depot or even inside a skyscraper being controlled by a computer that’s gone mad.

This anthology includes contributions by Elena Dorothy Bowman, Bryn Colvin, Nikki Leigh, Dorice Nelson, Nora Peterson, Ginger Simpson, Donna Sundblad, Angela Verdenius and Anne Whitfield. These women are from the United States, England and Australia. They write a wide variety of genres and topics.

For more information, visit
The book is available on Amazon.

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