Monday, November 5, 2007


Welcome to my world. Don't mind the clutter and dust. Feel free to explore and don't worry about leaving fingerprints. I'll tidy up after everyone leaves. There's cyber snacks in the back room, help yourself.

A little about me. I've been writing since 2000, with my first book published in 2003. I'm addicted and can't stop, and I don't believe there are help groups for us junkies. I went to Overeaters Anonymous once to see if I could do the twelve-step program which is similar to AA, but I just couldn't wrap my mind around God having to worry about whether or not I ate a Big Mac or not. I figured he had bigger fish to fry. So, I'll just keep taking my daily fixes of 'authordom' by doing things like blogging and creating new stories, and hope someday I'll overdose on fame. Right!

I look forward to visiting the blogs on my list, but I wanted to leave a welcome note before I trek off and start leaving my witty comments.

Thanks for coming!

p.s. If you wonder why there are so many videos here...I'm showcasing them for my friends and my new business venture "Trailmix Videos"


Unknown said...

Delicious cyber snacks! I loved the crispy bytes. Thanks for participating in my blog chain. So glad to have inspired you to create your own chain. So much fun meeting new people on the Web.

Yvonne Perry

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Love your welcome!
I just started doing things with videos, too. Find my new one of an interview at

Olivia said...

Ginger, what do you use to make your videos? The sound and the different effects are things I'd like to do. Nice work, and good luck with your new business venture! Blessings, Olivia

joyful paws said...

I love your sense of humor! You made me feel right at home on your blog with cyber snacks and your gracious welcome. What a fun blog you have!

Janet Grace Riehl said...

Yup...switching writing for reaching for food sounds good to me...and cyber snacks don't even have calories. Thanks for the welcome.

Laura Elliott said...

Thanks for adding me to the blog chain. I feel like part of the cool club.

Cynthia Owens said...

Congrats on the new venture, Ginger. As a total technophobe, I admire those who can work with technology without pulling their hair out!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is good....very, very good. What a fun site. So glad I visited! Thanks for putting up the cyber snacks, too. YUM!

Kathleen Jacoby

Im4uJesus said...

You are 1 of a kind, lol...I luv ur choice of words. Leave the door open cuz I'll sure be back 4 sum munchies : )

Carma Dutra said...

Ginger, thanks for the warm welcome. You have an entertaining site. Blog chaining is fun.

Underground Controversy said...

Your introduction gave me some more clues how to improve my own blog. It is really catchy and friendly and authentic. Well done! Interesting videos also, you've been a busy bee! Blessings again to you. Hope you visit soon. Keep the vision!
Steven Clark Bradley

Jim Murdoch said...

I haven't seen very many book trailers yet but most of them haven't inspired me too much. I think they'll get better in time once they become more accepted and, possibly even, expected. Or perhaps I've never seen one that's selling a book I'd be interested in reading. Time will tell.

Sandra Cox said...

Great blog spot, Ginger! Enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Geinger, Thanks for the link to your site and to the Reader's Station. Loved reading all the stories and tips.

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