Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving...I hope your day is progressing in a restful and peaceful manner. I'm sitting at my computer because my daughter-in-law is preparing our feast. Rather than join her in the kitchen and be frustrated because she doesn't do anything my way, I'm steering clear and occupying myself. Of course we've already had our first emergency of the day... a misplaced potato peeler! Oh my gosh! She tore the kitchen apart, put each of us under a hot light for questioning and practically frisked us for it. When I saw she was near tears, looking at the pile of potatoes in the sink, I stepped in and pulled out the antique approach to actual knife. I think I've single-handedly saved the day. We still haven't found the peeler, but there have been some neighborhood thefts recently. Thank goodness they didn't take our gravy ladle. Who knows the stress that might cause. *lol*

Hope you have a wonderful day, avoid indigestion, and find many things for which to offer thanks.



Anonymous said...

LOL Ginger on the case of the missing potato peeler. I hope that you were able to ransom it home. Here's hoping that you had a wonderful Thanksgivng.

Rayne Forrest said...

Now there's a reason to visit the dollar store for kitchen gadget goodies if I ever heard one. LOL!!!

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