Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays

Ladies and Gents,
I wanted to take one last opportunity to wish you and yours a most joyous holiday. No matter your beliefs, you are in my thoughts, and I pray that 2008 will be a wonderful year for each of us. I'm taking a few days off to wrap those last minutes presents and do shopping for our dinner. But before I sign off, I have one thing to share with you:

I heard a most inspirational radio program via ( The Mother and Daughter Club and I urge you to click here and listen. Just so you aren't surprised by the topic, I'm cutting and pasting host, Kathe Gogolewski's, intro here:

Jin Dorst is not my usual author/expert this week, but I think she's a perfect guest for the holiday season. While we celebrate our joys and count our blessings, she helps us remember the things that are truly important.

Jin is a National Board Certified elementary schoolteacher, but that's not why she's on the show. She has late stage Nasopharyngeal Cancer that has metastasized and is wrapped around her bronchial tubes and esophagus, and it is in her lungs. She is refusing treatment for it.

Each of us knows that our life journey is a temporary one, but not all of us take the opportunity to seriously consider this until and unless we must. For this reason, Jin's testimony is rare. She shares what it is and has been like for her living with terminal cancer.

She tells how she brought herself out of a suicidal depression after the initial diagnosis to eventually experience a level of happiness she had never known before. After surviving a suicide attempt, she fell in love and began her life over. Now, every day, every moment, brings uncommon joy. Don't miss this one as she reminds us of all the things in life that truly matter.

Note from Ginger: I also pray that none of us have to face what Jin is facing, but if we do, I hope God grants us the serenity and peace she's found to deal with her fear. What a woman.

Again, Season's Greetings and I'll be back after Christmas with a report on what Santa brought me.

Mega Hugz


Cherise Thorne said...

Recently I found out that someone close to me was experiencing a disease that I thought would never come close to me. I was wrong, it did and what an experience it was and still is. Almost instantly I decided that I was going to live differently. I was going to enjoy myself and fully appreciate being with everyone as if they may not be here the next day. It caused me to see how I was taking life for granted and everyone else's. We may never have a tomorrow with someone we say we love, but we don't take the time to really spend with. I mean really spend with, give our undivided attention, our entire heart and head, not what is left over at the end of the day. All we have is now and I commend this brave lady for refusing treatment and living whole, fully alive and aware of how precious each moment is. What a gift. I would have let another ten years go by and not have appreciated what I had in front of me.

Reverend Cherise Thorne

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I think we all take life for granted, and I for one, plan to be much more thankful for the life God has given me and all the blessings he has bestowed.
Bless you.

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