Monday, December 10, 2007

Peace, Love and Friendship - NOT

I would like to explain the nasty posts that are appearing on my blog. They are related to a video trailer that I completed for a book, Of Atlantis. I was hired by a third party (publisher) to review a blurb and create a trailer, which is exactly what I did. I've never met the author and know nothing about the publishing of the work. That's not my call. These facts seem too complex for the minds of the people engaging in this vendetta. How they think that attacking me is going to resolve anything about the book is beyond my comprehension.

Evidently they're angered by the publishing of the aforementioned book for reasons unknown to me, other than they feel it duplicates a previous work. That's not my responsibility, nor can I take back what I've sold to someone. The publisher has informed me and also posted on youtube that they invested $500 to assure this work was not plagiarized. Since they have a legal investment, I can only assure they are being truthful. Still, I've become subjected to cruel and hurtful remarks, both here and on my youtube account. They are not only attacking the video for Of Atlantis, they are leaving negative and nasty comments on my other work.

Since these cowards cannot quell their anger at their intended target, they choose to hurl unfounded attacks at me. I could delete the remarks, but I prefer to leave them to show you how small-minded and mean-spirited people can be, even at a time of the year when we are supposed to be reminded of friendship, love and peace.

All I can say in closing, is that I hope your positive remarks will overcome the negativity, and that if I were looking for fans of my work, these are not people I would want in my camp under any conditions.

I've explained my position to them for the last time and suggested they pursue appropriate avenues, but I guess it's easier for them to vent on my dime. What they expect to achieve, I'm not entirely sure.



Sloane Taylor said...

HOLY SHITTA, Ginger! You don't deserve what a handful of truly uniformed people post.

You were hired to do a job. You did the job. End of story. It's not YOU who wrote the book. Or edited it for that matter.

This is a tough business, babe. You're better than the majority of people in it.

Personally, I'd delete all their comments. Especially if they don't have the balls to use their name.

Anonymous said...

I'd delete them too. It's just vicious, anonymous spam in my opinion.

Clare L :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the reader who says delete the comments of people who are too cowardly to use their name.

What kind of nasty, viscious, angry person does that?

Keep your head up and know that those who know you, know you did NOTHING wrong.

Take care!

Nikki Leigh said...

Don't you hate it when people post immature messages and they don't have the whole story or even a good portion of the story? Unfortunately the internet gives every one the opportunity to post their opinion. But, we all know what they say about opinions. I also do publicity work and whether everyone likes or approves of a book, the author and the publishing company have the right to promote it. Just like everyone else has the right to decide whether to buy the book or not. If a person has a legitimate complaint, take it to the publisher - they put the book on the market - Ginger didn't publish it.

Anonymous said...

Any one who knows you Ginger knows how talented, hard-working, and honest you are. It's a shame that people can't be more respectful, or act more intelligently. I would delete the comments. Good luck, Kathryn

Anonymous said...

It is rediculous to think you would know any of the background unless you were informed by the

Those that posted negatively, I'd recommend you go annoy someone of like mind. Negative minds like to feed off each other. Don't bother the rest of us who are trying to be creative and contribute to a positive, kinder society.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, don't reduce yourself to their level. Ignore them, delete their posts. These people have no life, just misdirected anger.
Nothing is solved by just throwing out vindictive comments. And the cowards can't even put down their names.
You're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ginger,

Thanks for the wonderful Christmas story. Your generous nature shines through everything that you do and its been a pleasure meeting you and working with you. May you have a wonderful Christmas and a fastic year next year.



Anita Davison said...

This situation could have happened to anyone, Ginger. I'm sorry it happened to you as you have had so much to deal with lately.
This one must have received one hell of a rejection letter! - just step over them and keep your head high.
Your writing is appreciated by many, and you have much more to offer.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Ginger. Don't even bother trying to respond to some of these ugly posts, they're not worth it.

Michael M.

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry the ignorant trolls of the internet have targeted you, a hard-working and genuine person that doesn't deserve to deal with their idiocy.

Please don't take it heart. You know I'm a fan of your trailers, and the work you do is just wonderful. Keep it up!

Mandy Ducrot.

Unknown said...

My friends,
I've followed your advice and deleted all negative comments. This is a place of positive energy and fun and I do not want to ruin that by letting some insignificant person set the tone. I shall continue to delete posts as I see fit. After all, this is MY blog. *lol*

I really appreciate each and everyone of you for coming to my aid. It's a shame that I needed it, especially when I wasn't involved in the previous controversy about the book. I did a video trailer for heaven sakes.

Anyhow...on with the show, and again, my deepest thanks for being such wonderful friends. I'm truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Hey hang in there Ginger, we're all with you on this one.

Anonymous said...


I have known you for years and am certain that you have too much integrity to be knowingly involved in promting an author who is guilty plagarism.

If I were you, I would delete all of the spiteful comments,

Rosemary Morris

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hi Ginger,

I agree with everyone here...delete the negative posts.

But I'm adding one more tidbit of advice...before you delete the post, say a prayer for that person.

It is sad that people strike out against others for petty, immature reasons...and that's exactly what it is.

I'll probably get negative posts due to this one...but y'know what?

I'm going to do the same thing...pray/delete, pray/delete.

Hang in there, girl!

The Good Witch said...

Hell Ginger, sure wish you hadn't deleted those vicious posts before I had a chance to print them off for inclusion in my scrapbook entitled; "Things That Make You Count Your Blessings". I have a plethera of emails, blogs, etc. posted by anonymous flaming asswipes that I read when I am feeling a little down. It's a reality check....a reminder that I was born into a loving family, a family genetically superior to those ignoramous bloggers that muck up the gene pool. So ya see, these inferior, spineless pieces of crap exist for a reason. Who else could possibly provide such an incredible boost to our egos? Bottom line, Ging, is that rather than getting all upset with a few inconsequential morons that possess the IQ of a grapefruit, you need to count your blessings and remember that you were born a creative, imaginative writer that your family truly admires. Just like I count my blessings that you are my big sister.

Carol said...

I didn't make it in time to see the posts but all you can do write-off the small minds that have nothing better to do than promote ignorance. We all know who and what you really are and obviously a few don't and will not be listened to. Carol

Unknown said...

I truly thank everyone for rallying. The vendetta still continues on youtube. I just deleted another five messages, but I will continue to do so and not pay them heed. I don't know what they hope to accomplish. The book has been published and I had nothing to do with it. :( What ticks me off is that they are messing with the rankings of my other videos and leaving messages there, as well.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, Sorry to see that you have to put up with some petty people. Hopefully, they will get a clue and leave you alone. You don't deserve this aggravation.

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