Monday, February 11, 2008

C is for COLD and F is for FLU

We survived the tornado catastrophe only to fall victim to cold and flu season. I haven't felt so swell for the past few days, so my daily chores have gone undone. The only other person in the household who takes pride in cleanliness is also ill--hubby. We've been taking turns watching Spencer. One sleeps while the other oversees the disaster area, and I'm not talking tornado here.

Spencer has autistic tendencies, and I can only assume that his need to have EVERY toy out of his toy chest and drawers and on the floor is a side affect of his disability. My days are usually spent following him around, putting things back in the carefully labeled drawers and totes I've prepared for his ease in learning what goes where. I'm not sure he's benefited from it, but it helps me in my older senile years.

So, today, I'm still in my pajamas, holding down my appointed overseeing time at the computer because I'm addicted to this blog and my email. Papa is right behind in the bed, sleeping and snoring loudly. Spencer usually spends most of his time in our 'house' but had drifted upstairs to find yet more clutter to add to the floor. Today, I can look at it and just nod. I'm too sick to bend over because when I stand up all the congestion makes me reel with dizziness.

I heard a strange voice and thought perhaps my son had come home early to spare me. Imagine my surprise when Spencer brings a strange man downstairs, gives the "broadway handoff" and says, "Nee Nee!"

The gentlemen had FEMA displayed on his hat and shirt, and eyed the room cautiously. I had to laugh when he said, "I'm from FEMA and wanted to see if you suffered any damage from the tornado." Other than it looking like it blasted through here, I spoke up over Papa's snores and said, "No, we were very blessed." The FEMA guy stared at the bed. "Was anyone injured?" he asked.

I ushered him to the door, thanking him for checking on us and assuring him we only had the flu. I would have said 'colds', but I just came from the bathroom where I blew something besides my nose. Luckily, I had the exhaust fan on.

So, I wanted you to know that President Bush is living up to his promise of aid to those in need in Tennessee. As much I wanted to ask the FEMA guy to send in a crew to pick up the mess, I resisted. It'll still be there when I get better and as bad as the mess is, I don't think it qualified for federal assistance. I still consider myself lucky that I have a roof over my head even if I'm blowing through a box of Kleenex a day. Now I can add Charmin to my list, but I have it on hand. :) Hope you all stay well.

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Latesha said...

Ugh on being ill, Ginger. I hope that you and the family are all on the way to feeling well again. Take care of yourself and drink plenty of fluids.

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