Sunday, February 17, 2008

Makes Me Wonder...

Not to gross you out, but since I've been sick, I've been spending a lot of 'sitting' time in the bathroom. My husband keeps his hot rod magazines in there and I found myself becoming highly irritated at how society caters to men. Can a man not look at a car without having a scantily-clad woman stretched across it? Does he really have to have a bimbo in a bikini holding up a 'moon' hubcap to be able to focus?

Think about it. Even on The Price is Right, some slender, shapely, gal with exposed cleavage has to point to the prizes. I doubt she's doing it for my benefit, as she bats her eyelashes and assumes a haughty pose.

Vanna White, on the Wheel of Fortune, struts from letter to letter in her designer gowns and flashes her pearly whites and uplifted boobs. Why? Would a man not be able to see giant alphabet letters without her? It's actually disgusting.

Ladies, how many times can you remember seeing a studly-looking guy point something out for your benefit? The game shows don't have half-naked men lounging on a car hood or pointing to a BBQ. But we don't need it. Thank goodness, we can see what's right in front of our eyes. Egads... I shudder to think of Alex Trebek with his shirt unbuttoned to the waist, showing a mat of gray-hair, while he licks his lips and reads the Jeopardy topics.

But back to the reading material that got me on this topic. It's only gotten worse in magazines. Now there's a new generation of car people... the 'old skool' look. Now the women aren't just flaunting their wares...they're covered in tatoos and look like a throw-back to the forties. What 'old shool' was that allowed in? Not mine, I can guarantee it. I don't even think I knew a tattooed guy, let alone a gal. Nothing like a dragon covering your back, arms and shoulders to show your feminine side. I pass.


Rayne Forrest said...

I must confess that if a scantily clad Gerry Butler tried to sell me, oh, say, anything, I'd at least keep the ad. I'm shallow that way :)

I love your blog, Ginger. You're spot on with things.

Kim Smith said...

ugh! alex t bare-chested???? excuse, i must rush to have some of my own sitting time!

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