Monday, March 24, 2008

Four Cup Review from Coffee Time

ISBN# 978-1-897540-04-6
March 2008
Enspiren Press
2060 Victoria Street, Box 193, Gorrie, Ontario, N0G 1X0, Canada
219 Pages
Western Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Roselle Fountain, "Ellie", believes her Pa, Ben, cares more for the ranch foreman than her. It seems Ben believes his daughter should start doing woman chores and leave the ranch, Fountainhead, to the men. She is determined to prove she can do just as a man.

Tyler Bishop, "Ty", is Fountainhead’s foreman. He is the son that Ben never had. Ty not only tries to take care of all the things on the ranch, but makes sure Ellie is protected. Then he sees Ellie all grown-up and sparks fly.

Ellie lost her mother to typhoid fever at the age of three. Growing up with only a Pa, she learned to rope, brand, and mend fences, but then her Pa decides she do womanly chores. It aggravates her that her Pa trusts Ty more. She is also tired of Ty bossing her around, thinking she needs his protection. Taking matters into her hands, she buys a gun. She will show everyone she is capable of taking care of herself. Ty knew a man had to be blind not to notice the grown-up Ellie. He sees her more than a friend, but does not know what her Pa would think about the situation. When land buyers insist on buying Fountainhead, Ellie has to make sure it is not sold. She can only hope her Pa and Ty feel the same.

Sparta Rose is a great novel to put on anyone’s list. It carries you to a beautiful spot in Tennessee, with characters that grow on you and stay forever. The dialogue is wonderful and the storyline flows smoothly so not to lose the reader. I admire Ellie’s steadfastness in going after what is important in her life. I like how Ty wants to be there for her and make sure no harm comes to her. Ginger Simpson adds just the right elements into this story to keep the reader interested. She has a way of imparting moments that bring on a smile or even a laugh by making characters that lift off the pages and come to life.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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