Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Tuesday

This post isn't about a book, but it's blog and my publisher tells me to 'Share your personality with your readers', so here you go all you readers, I have a question for the ladies: When did you realise you had become your mother? This was my epiphany......
My daughter was in Mexico on holiday with a girlfriend and traveling around the Cancun area. These are the text messages we exchanged during the first week:

Alex: Hola Amigo, I'm on an empty white beach with an endless blue sea. How r u?

Me: You aren't drinking the water are you?
Alex: Collect rental car this pm.
Me: Don’t let Hannah drive, she’s worse than you. Don’t venture off the main highways or leave your papers, credit cards or money in the car.
Alex: We are off to stay in a hut on the beach tomorrow at Lay Playa, no water, no electric, no roads, no telephones, no TV. Can't wait.
Me: Take lots of bottled water and insect repellant? Don’t eat the food at the roadside stalls.
Alex: The car is a bust. Taking it back in the next town and giving them hell for palming us off with a wreck.
Me: Don’t be too aggressive, you’ll get arrested. Keep the doors locked when driving through the towns.
Alex: In Carmen tonight - this hotel is amazing, a whole suite for $100 a night. We are off to a great bar this evening to meet a few friends who have lived here since University.
Me: Take care to keep an eye on your glass the whole time. Don't leave sand in your clothes when you re-pack them
Alex: Yo Mama! We swam with dolphins today, a bit staged but it was wonderful and I have some great pics.
Me: Brush your teeth with bottled water only and don't pet any stray dogs!
Alex: I met this guy on the beach today who read our palms, Hannah (friend) was staggered by what he said. I was skeptical, but he was pretty accurate. Adios!
Me: He doesn’t know where you are staying does he? Did you take his photograph, just in case?
Alex: The locals are so friendly here, we are off exploring the jungle tomorrow and hope to see some Mayan ruins.
Me: Check you are going with an official guide. Tell the hotel where you are going and when you will be back.

She had a ball by the way – well why wouldn’t she, I did all the stressing for her!

Anita Davison


Billie Jo said...

LOL Anita.

Ugh I just discovered I became like my mom with my daughter.

Billie Jo

Anita Davison said...

Scary isn't it? And I thought I was cool!!!!

Phyllis Campbell said...

I relate very well to this!!! A lot of times, my husband is telling me I'm too much like my mother...and to knock it off. Hahahaha

Very funny blog, Anita!


Billie Jo said...

LOL Anita~

Scary is not the word for it. I looked at my daughter, walked into my bedroom and screamed "noooooooo". LOL

Billie Jo

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

LOL Anita...Love it!

I've always been a carbon copy of my mother...in fact, my daughter and granddaughter look just like mom and me...I know that's not what you're talking about but hey, if the looks are there, the personalities are bound to be there too...


Maybe not, my daughter is more like her grandmother on her father's side than me but I've still got hope with that granddaughter!

Great post!


danetteb said...

Lol...I catch myself saying things my mom told me to my kids all the time. *g*

Glad to hear your baby had a good time even with all the motherly warnings.

Hugs, Danette

Unknown said...

OMG, Anita. I'm going back through the comments and collecting our reader's names for the drawing, and I stopped and read this again. You're such a hoot. I realized I was my mother at a very early age. Remind me to tell you the story sometime about how my siblings hid from me so they could catch me go crazy. I used to meet my younger sisters at the bus stop because I worried about whether or not they would get kidnapped. I was somewhere around 13 or so.


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