Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Holy Toledo! Amongst the Stars!

First off, I want to thank Ginger for hosting this extravaganza. What a star line up she's amassed. Kudos to all on board.

My name is Lea Schizas, aka Mother Hen to many. No, I'm not a chicken, as a matter of fact quite the opposite as some will tell you. I'm a nut and maybe that's why one of my characters in my Young Adult novel, The Rock of Realm, is a squirrel. I can relate to him.

POPS: You see, I always knew you were a bit crazy.

LEA: Hi, Pops, Now, remember, I haven't finished Book Two so continue with the sarcastic remarks and you may find yourself under a big rock.

POPS: You guys reading this? She's threatening a fictional squirrel. Now you tell me if that's nuts or not?

LEA: Anyway...The Rock of Realm is a Young Adult fantasy adventure about a young teen who discovers she's the princess to this whole new world she never knew existed. Why her parents kept if from her irks her but before she can ask them, Alexandra Stone, the teen and heroine of the book, finds herself mysteriously transported to Rock Kingdom, along with her best friend, Sarah, and her pet, a 110 pound German Shepherd, Butch.

POPS: Um...me, too, remember?

LEA: Oh, yes, and Butch's pet, Pops the squirrel.

POPS: Now why do you feel the need to tell everyone I'm his pet? I'm not.

JINX: Because you follow him around like a pet, that's why.

POPS: Oh, look who dropped by, the shrimp.

LEA: Hi, Jinx. Everyone, Jinx is our six-legged hamster living in Rock Kingdom, and our guide throughout our adventure.

POPS: Guide? Guide? The twerp got us lost more times than I can count. I outta shove my paw up his--


POPS: Oh, hey big fella. Didn't know you were here, too. Great. A reunion.

LEA: I think everyone now gets a bit of an idea of the fun you'll be drawn into with these characters. More to come this week along with an excerpt.

JINX: Love to read the part where POPS gets his--

POPS: No, what about the part you got lost in The Wall and we almost thanked our lucky stars to have gotten rid of you? Eh?

JINX: And when you cried?

POPS: I didn't cry, okay? I had something in my eye.

LEA: I'll take the boys outta here right now. Later.

Lea Schizas
The Rock of Realm

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