Saturday, March 22, 2008


Easter brings back so many wonderful memories. I was the oldest of four children, so I got to play 'bunny' when I got older. It was awesome hiding eggs so my younger siblings could find them. I swear the two dozen were hid and found so many times, we wore the shells off , and invariably, months later, we always found at least one we'd missed in the search.

Easter was one of the occasions we got new clothes. Mom would dig out her Sear's charge card and take us shopping. I still remember the pretty ruffled dresses complete with patent leather shoes and lacy white anklets. Easter bonnets were the rage back in the 50s, and I was high-stylin'. My brother, of course, got new jeans, shirt and a clip-on tie. I'm sure he got shoes, too, but I can't recall what kind. All I remember about him is that his feet smelled horrible and we preferred he kept them covered at all times. For a little guy, he sure could smell up the room.

I tried to carry on the fun tradition when my children were small. I recall making baskets up for the grandparents and driving to their house and leaving them outside the door. We always knocked then hid and my kids got the biggest kick out of surprising Grandma and Grandpa, Grandpa and Grammy. One year, Grandma requested a diet basket so we used only vegetables with the dyed eggs. Hey, we were an equal opportunity bunny back then. :)

Now both Grandpas are gone and my children are grown. Tonight as I watched my grandson's face light up when the eggs turned such magnificent colors, I was overcome with wonderful recollections of childhood joy. I hope your Easter brings back some pleasant thoughts for you, and as we once again celebrate our Lord's resurrection, I pray that he blesses each of you with love, hope and health.

For those of you who are a different faith, I wish you a joyous changing of the seasons. I appreciate each and every one of you for giving purpose to my life.

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Anonymous said...

Ginger, thank you for sharing Easter memories of the past. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

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