Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spencer Graduated

Spencer's school held a pre-school and kindergarten graduation last night. While I was upstairs planning his wardrobe, he elected to change into a Spider man shirt and short set that I bought at Dollar General. He pitched such a fit when I tried to change him, his Mom said, "Let him wear it. He looks fine."

He might have looked fine, but he paled in comparison to his classmate who wore a white tuxedo. Here's Charles looking like he just climbed out a limousine, and I'm not entirely sure he didn't, and Spencer sitting next to him with a blinking red Spider man insignia on his shoulder. At least he was easy to spot in the crowd.

My son, DIL and I went early, but the gym was already full. We had to sit in the back row, and it wasn't long before it was standing room only. It was cold when we first arrived, but after all the body heat started circulating, it became stifling. Boy, I'd forgotten how uncomfortable those metal seats are after an hour. The woman standing behind me held a baby in her arms, who continually kicked me in the back of the head. I finally turned around and stared at her until she stepped back.

I thought it was adorable when my grandson's class marched by. He was so intent on following the person in front of him, he didn't notice us, but his friends all saw me and yelled, "Hi Nee Nee." I'm everyone's Nee Nee. I only wish people in Tennessee would learn to pronounce it. It's NOT Ninny!

I needn't have worried about Spencer's appearance. The audience was quite an interesting bunch. I saw everything from Daisy Dukes with butt cheeks hanging out, to a formal gown. Since I couldn't hear or see a thing during the entire ceremony, it was nice to have something to entertain me. I came away feeling quite fetching, myself.

When did we start graduating from preschool and kindergarten? Are we taking this achievement thing a little too seriously? Every child received a personalized diploma, then returned to the classroom for various awards there. Although I may not totally agree with the concept at such a young age, I have to tell you that it was heart-warming to see that my developmentally delayed grandson has made such strides toward normalcy. A year ago, he couldn't say more than a handful of unintelligible words, and now he's a chatter box. I only fear that with time passing so quickly, tomorrow he'll be graduating from High School. It seems like just yesterday his dad was in Kindergarten. Time does fly, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Estella said...

Amen! The older I get, the faster time flies.
Congratulations to your grandson!

Latesha said...

Congratulations to Spencer. I know that you were the proud and beaming Nee Nee. Here's hoping that he continues to make such good progress.

Martha said...

Hi Ginger!

Yes, time is flying! Remember when we used to talk about the old folks? Hell,we are the old folks now!!

Congratulations to Spencer, I know you were terribly proud. My youngest grand graduated Head Start a couple of weeks ago.

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