Friday, May 9, 2008

What a Hoot!

Today in the mail, I received a flimsy envelope from Reader's Digest... you know, one of those that you tear off the edges and unfold. I almost threw it away, but I decided to open it. Inside was a note, "Thank you for your contribution, which will appear in an upcoming issue..." Also included, a check for $100.00! *Woot*

I can't even remember when I submitted a joke to them, although I do recall doing it. I have no idea what the joke was, so you'll have to wait until it appears to see if it was worth the money. Anyhow, I'm planning a relaxing pedicure because I deserve it.

I may have found a new pastime, submitting jokes. This amount surpassed by last royalty check by a mile... no make that ten miles. How sad is that? Did I mention that I have three new releases coming out???? *lol*


Estella said...

Congratulations! One hundred dollars is much better than no dollars.

mountainbike said...

So, you got $100.00. That is great! For the submiting Jokes, I like to request that please also post some Jokes at your Blog so that we can read them. Thanks for your post.

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