Thursday, June 19, 2008

Excerpt from 'The Jaguar Legacy'

Many thanks to Ginger for giving me another opportunity to contribute to her blog. Today, I thought I would give a short excerpt from 'The Jaguar Legacy', a paranormal romantic suspense.

Blurb: Start with one archaeological dig -- a lost city in Mexico -- where occult energy triggers past life flashbacks; add one hunky archaeologist who hates the press; combine with one smart-mouthed reporter on a quest for an exposé; throw in one vengeful ex-wife and a mysterious shaman. Stir well until combined and stand back from the fireworks.

The excerpt I selected is the sequel to the scene where my heroine (Charley) narrowly escapes death during a poisonous snake attack from an oversized reptile possessing near-human intelligence. Here goes.

Charley’s heart jack-hammered in her chest as she took a step towards him. “Kincaid. Come with me.” She grabbed a fistful of shirt and led him to the side of the temple where rubble performed the half-hearted task of hiding them from prying eyes.

“What’s this all about?” he asked, his eyes widening in surprised disbelief.

Instead of answering, she stepped forward until her body brushed against his, then threaded her fingers through his hair in unspoken invitation. He was warm and solid — a perfect antidote to the feeling of flat futility that had enveloped her since her near brush with death. A shudder of sexual delight coursed through her veins. “Kiss me, Kincaid. Hold me.” Hungrily, she raised her lips, allowing a primitive mating urge sweep her rational qualms away.

He made an inarticulate groan before drawing a finger down her neck, sending licks of flame flickering along her quivering nerves. Catching her chin in his fingers, he slanted a hot, hungry kiss on her lips. His tongue entered her mouth — firm and velvety and demanding. He was fully aroused already, taut and hard.

The cold, twisted knot deep inside her started to thaw. Ragged breathing caught in her throat. Flinging common sense to the wind, she ground her hips against his with a desperation she hadn’t known she possessed and reached down to rub his erection through the fabric. Liquid fire smouldered and coiled inside her belly. If she didn’t find her release soon, she’d go out of her mind.

“I need you,” she gasped between ragged breaths.

“Oh, sweet Jesus. Slow down, Charley. If you do that, there’ll be no turning back.”

In reply, she captured his lips with her own in a frenzy of need and desire, and gave herself up to the raging inferno that consumed her. Wordlessly, she unbuttoned her blouse and brought his hand to her breast.

He kissed her neck and delved lower. She could swear he muttered: “Mhuirnin.”

“More,” she panted and arched her back, allowing her head to fall backwards and exposing her throat and breasts to his questing lips. A wave of primal heat tightened her body. Through filmy lace, he captured her nipple between his teeth and tugged. Dimly, she heard her soft, throaty whimpers turn into urgent entreaties. An unbearable pressure built between her thighs and she tugged his shirt loose then raked her fingers down his back, aching to feel the touch of flesh against flesh.

Dazed and throbbing, lost in the searing blaze of sensation, she tugged his shirt out of his jeans. Why did they make the damned fasteners so difficult to undo?

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