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My final excerpt and posting on Miz Ging's site, so I thought I'd share an excerpt from No Holds Barred, Book Two of the Montana Men Series and follows In the Arms of Danger. NHB is scheduled for release in Dec. from Eternal Press. Don't forget to visit their website at or my website at


Kaycee forgot to be cautious, ignored the warning bells ringing in her head. There was only action and reaction and both were hot as the fires of Hades. Whoever thought passion wasn’t damning clearly had never looked into the piercing eyes of this man, never been kissed by this cowboy, or felt the uncontrolled heat slashing into the both of them.
Her knees trembled.
Kaycee curled her fingers into the soft hair at his nape and cuddled closer.
Jace released her, took a moment to tug off his boots, and then he pulled her closer. “I want you,” he said quietly. “I need you.”
He unfastened the narrow ties at the back of her neck and released them. She caught the dress to her waist,gasped and started to conceal herself from his gaze.
He closed his fingers around her arms, feathered his thumbs across the skin of her wrists and shook his head. “No. I want to see you.” He released her and stood back, his hot gaze skimming and admiring the fullness of her bared breasts. “I knew it,” he mumbled huskily. “I knew you weren’t wearing a bra.”
Her nipples stood at attention like tiny soldiers. A delicate rose tinted them, and they silently begged for notice. Jace stifled a moan and lifted her in his arms. He crossed the expanse of the living room to the master bedroom.
“Kiss me,” she demanded and pressed tiny, fairy-light kisses against his throat.
“Ah, sweetheart’,” he breathed. “You have no idea what a delicious temptation you are. I want to do so much more than kiss you, darlin’.”
She looped her arms trustingly around his neck. Her lips nuzzled his throat. “You have no idea what a temptation you are,” she replied.
For a moment, Jace felt startled, and then he grinned. “You’re something, aren’t you, sweetheart?”
Surprise filled her eyes as she touched her tongue to his throat. “You taste like—wonderful.”
Jace trembled. Passion coiled deep inside his belly. His stomach muscles clenched into knots as she whispered dreamily, “I want to taste all of you.”
He stumbled. His gaze dipped to hers. Did she have any idea what she’d just implied? Just how a man should take a statement like that?
She drew the black Stetson off his head and dropped it onto the floor. “Your pupils are so dark and constricted, they’re nearly invisible.”
His chest rose and shuddered with each ragged breath he drew. Oh, damn. He might as well be standing on the rim of a precipice, speculating as to which direction he should go to keep from toppling over the edge. She made him hungry.
She shivered. And he knew he must look a little bit feral.
Jace stared down at her wondering if she had a clue as to what she did to him. He was so damned hard, he hurt. He continued down the hall toward the bedroom. He wanted to taste her too, every secret, forbidden crevice. He wanted to explore the tiny buds of her nipples, the satiny folds that hid her femininity. He wanted her flavor on his tongue.
Christ, he wanted to be inside her, so damn deep inside her, that when he came, his seed burst into the very heart of her womb. He’d never wanted so badly in his life, never ached—quite this way.
His heart bumped painfully in a steady rhythm. Ragged little bursts of air escaped his mouth. He couldn’t draw a full breath. Heat pulsed through him, feeding the fire, building it into roaring flames.
She nuzzled his throat again and he nearly lost his grip on reality. Her scent coiled around his heart. His chest felt heavy, as if he were being smothered. The urgency of his need overwhelmed him. Overwhelmed him—
“Make love to me,” she whispered. “I need you. Tonight, I need to be held. I need you to hold me. Love me.”
Jace paused at the side of the bed and smothered a groan. He looked down at her knowing he’d have to refuse. Damn, he was going to have to do the right thing. His body rebelled at the thought of not making her his.“I want to make love to you, lovely lady. I do. I want to be inside you,” he breathed hoarsely. “Sweet Christ, I want to be inside you. And if I believed for one moment you wanted that too, I’d have you stripped and flat on your back in a second. In less time than that, I’d be buried so damn deep inside you, our souls would touch.”
Her gaze fastened on him, watched a trickle of sweat spill a lazy path to his brow. It slid past his temple. She licked her lips, all her attention focused on that droplet of moisture making its way to this throat. He held his breath and ached for her to catch it with the tip of her tongue.
Jace growled at the sight of her little pink tongue as it darted out to moisten her lips. He wanted to feel the dampness of it lick over his body. He imagined her lapping at him like a kitten at a bowl of sweet cream. “Yeah, I want to be inside you, darlin’. You wouldn’t know where you began and I ended,” he said roughly. “But damn it, damn it, you’re not sober enough to realize what you’re saying, let alone doing. I don't want regrets in the morning, sweetheart, for either of us.”

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