Thursday, June 19, 2008

More SEX?? What???

It's a thrill to see my books go from ebook format to print format, because then I know I'll get a different group of readers to read my books. My daughters have been my supporters lately, but their tastes are very different. My older daughter (22 yrs old) likes my contemporaries. My younger daughter (19 yrs old) likes my historicals. So, when my newest contemporary (romantic suspense) came out in print, and both of my daughters wanted to read it, I was pleasantly surprised! I asked my youngest daughter why she wanted my book since it wasn't a historical. She said it was because of the HOT cover. heehee

So to get on with my story... My youngest daughter is getting through the story quicker than my older daughter. Today I talked with my younger daughter who had just finished reading the sex scene. Do you know what she told me? She said it wasn't long enough!! (the sex scene wasn't long enough - get your mind outta the gutter!)

I about died. What did she want? A whole chapter of them making love? Sheesh!

So here is my question. How long do you think love scenes should last? Hmmmmm???

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Tabitha Shay said...

Goodness Phyllis,
We have to stop meeting like personal tastes? When it comes to love scenes, I want a good, long love scene...especially the first love scene between the hero and after that, I don't mind a shortened version...but if I've nearly read the entire book waiting for a hot love scene and then it's a fizzler, I'm very apt not to ever buy that author's work again....hope this helps....Tabs

Phyllis Campbell said...

Hey Tabs!!! Yes, we do run into each other a lot.

I do agree with you about love scenes. The first one has to be long - and emotional. I really don't know what my daughter was talking about it being short, because there were a good six pages to the scene. LOL I don't know what she was thinking...


Ginger Simpson said...

Well, if it isn't two of the horniest women I know. *rofl*. The length of the sex scene isn't as important to me as the scene itself. I want to feel the love, desire and building passion, but I don't care to read about every stroke, lick, or plunge. I swear if I read "her nipples pebbled", one more time I'm going to scream. We have to come up with a new phrase, this one is just worn out. Here again raises a new many ways can you describe sex without it becoming overdone?


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