Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

My hubby drove me to the doctor today and along the way we started discussing the sad state the economy is in right now. It seems that almost every other yard here has some sort of vehicle for sale, most being boats and big gas-guzzling pick-ups. So many homes sport realty signs, and it makes you wonder how many owners are trying to sell before they lose their homes. The foreclosure rate in Tennessee is extremely high, and even renters aren't safe because the homes they're in are being reclaimed by the mortgage companies. I'm frightened about what tomorrow holds for all of us. Sad to say, I don't think a new president is going to make a difference, at least not before things worsen.

We started talking about the Presidency and what makes someone raise billions to campaign for a position that pays thousands a year. I was stunned at the total amount spent by Obama and Clinton. Just imagine if someone went to all that trouble to campaign to cure Cancer, Aids, shelter the homeless or keep businesses from going abroad. That would make a difference, wouldn't it?

There's something terribly wrong when unionization is so close-minded that they refuse to allow changes that might eliminate some positions yet prevent a mass exodus. Isn't it smarter to make allowances and keep the businesses here? Rather than lose a few slots, we've lost them all. Where's the benefit? Now we have American businesses importing their products and requiring truck drivers to deliver them to retail sources--drivers who can ill afford the $5.00 per gallon for diesel. How did we become hostage in this oil-shortage situation? And how much can the American public stand?

9-11 didn't teach us much. Our universities continue to pump out diplomas for international students here on visas. Remember, that's how most of the terrorists got into the country. Rather than educate our own children, we are providing engineering, chemistry, applied science, and a multitude of knowledge in other majors to those who may someday be potential enemies. We've focused far too much attention on Mexican aliens and other Hispanics who enter the country illegally. I'd much rather have someone pick my lettuce over blowing up my relatives. The problems created by border crossings from Mexico can be easily resolved with correct legislation. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen.

I've heard of keeping your enemies close, but I never heard anyone suggest we provide the tools for our own demise. If you don't believe me about the number of international students here, check the statistics at the major universities in your area and see where research dollars are being channeled. At the PhD level, the majority are not footing their own bill. They are covered by research/teaching assistantships or stipends. When I worked in higher education, I was appalled to learn that half time student positions paid more than I made.

Speaking of research, when are we going to hear about the next space launch? Our country is coming apart at the seams, but we continue to send rockets into space at the cost of billions of dollars. Guess we'll have to borrow a little more from China. Isn't it enough that we've screwed up this planet... do we need to find another place to create chaos? Speaking of China, didn't it strike an odd note when we sent them financial aid during their recent natural disaster, yet we have to borrow money from them???? Boy, I think I should have taken Political Science in school. Nothing our government does makes any sense to me.

Gee, maybe I shouldn't ride with my husband anymore. He seems to get my dander up about certain things. :) He watches the news...I don't. I'm with the ostrich...there are certain times when it's better to stick you head in the sand.


Estella said...

I agree with you completely. Soon people are not going to be able to afford to drive to work.

Molly Daniels said...

On a good note, if my hubby has a bad year, our daughter will qualify for the 21st Century Scholorship program, and will be able to go to college. But on the downside...paying the bills is going to be rough.

That does seem wrong; prividing financial disaster relief, and then turning around to borrow it back.

Carol said...

In some ways, sticking to a fictional world is more comforting. Possibly that's why we write fiction, huh? Carol

Tabitha Shay said...

Oh wow, Ginger, what a heartfelt, true blog. Life really sucks right now.Americans are fast waking up to s reality call...Do I eat or do I buy gas? Can i afford to drive to work or do I pay my electric bill, buy groceries? Our govt. has runined this country and it's getting worse everyday. You're right, we'll be seeing another space shuttle carting some crap to the space station, a space station? What the hell do we need a space station for? Aren't there plenty of labs on Earth to do research in?And what is the deal what China? Good point! I say make Mexico a State and that would resolve the illegal alien problem, especially now since I heard out govt. is giving them our SS. A SS that is supposedly on the bring of bankruptcy??? So why are we giving it up to aliens? Gil, you should never have gotten me started. I don't watch the news either. I hate hearing about all the things that are corrupting my country. I'll go back to my witch world and probably stay there....Tabs

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