Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sharing an Article - Controversial Warning

The following was sent by a friend who still lives in California. I thought it might make an interesting post for my blog:

In today's Sacramento Bee the following letter was written:

Fire from heaven?
Do you remember when same-sex marriage was front-page news? Less than a week later, California was burning.
Legal same-sex marriage licenses began to be issued after Monday, June 16. As of June 25, statistics from show there are 1,026 fires in California. Furthermore, on the same day, the Associated Press reported, "In less than a day, an electrical storm unleashed nearly 8,000 lightning strikes that set more than 800 wildfires across Northern California - a rare example of 'dry lightning'."
The city of Sodom was destroyed by fire from heaven for the sin of sodomy (Holy Bible, Genesis 19). The word "Sodom" means "to scorch" or "burnt" (Strong's Bible Concordance, entry No. 5467). Could there by a link between these events?
Written by: Name withheld *lol* I'm sure you can check the Sacramento Bee if you really need to know.

Isn't it interesting how people can put a spin on issues with which they disagree? There are so many things I dislike in life, but it isn't my place to judge. I suspect if one looked up lightning strikes with relation to fire, they'd find an astounding amount every day, not just following this proclamation about gay marriages.

If God unleashed his anger about every immoral act like murder, drugs, prostitution, pornography, and child molestation, we'd have burnt up years ago. I'm not a gay advocate and I don't pry into what other people choose to do with their lives unless it harms me or my loved ones. Unless you walk a mile in someone else's shoes (to coin an old phrase), how can you possibly understand what motivates their actions and thoughts. Wouldn't time be better spent doing something positive rather than throwing stones at others? I believe the Bible had something to say about that..."Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Boy, I'm not picking up any rocks anytime soon.

Even if you are a non-believer, how can you justify telling someone else what to do with their own life? We all aren't as perfect as we'd like to believe, and our souls are like a glass house. The reflection we think we project isn't always what others see. So, for those of you for which the Bible holds no meaning, how about "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Personally, I'd rather concentrate energy on doing something about the other problems I mentioned. It's much more appalling to me to see headlines about children being abused, posed for pornography, or kidnapped and murdered over reading news about two people of the same sex who want their devotion to one another to be recognized. How on any possible scale does that measure up to those other atrocities?

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