Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Name Dropping?

Far be it from me to drop names that might impress people, or at least I haven't made it a habit because I really haven't had any names to drop, but I'm going to let you in on a secret. Hold on to your hat! I'm friends with Leta Pomerantz!

Who is she, you ask? Well, let me tell you. This is a picture of her and her grandson Kane. Leta and I were best friends and also sister-in-laws for a time. She and my brother divorced and I lost track of her for a while, but I recently found her again.

Okay, so her name doesn't ring a bell and Kane doesn't look familiar either? Well, how about these two?
This is her son, Randy Sheckler and his son, Shane. Randy and my son, Scott were best friends growing up and pretty much inseparable. Still nothing? Okay, I guess you're forcing me to bring out the big guns, although Shane is the middle grandchild of my friend Leta, and a star in his own right.

Recognize anyone here?

Okay, you made me do it. Ryan Sheckler, of professional skateboarding fame and the hearttrob of teenage girls everywhere. This was taken during a birthday celebration for Leta and Kane (the little cutie). Ryan has his own show on TV entitled "Life of Ryan" and his whole family has been featured at one time or another, including Grandma, Leta, but she won't admit to being famous.

Ryan is a icon to young people across the United States and despite his earnings which probably are quadruple what I ever earned in my lifetime or hope to earn, he has a generous heart and recently donated his own Range Rover to encourage raising money for the Children's Cancer Research Fund. People raised thousands thanks to Ryan's urging. He has an amazing talent and has invested wisely in it. I only wish he knew who in hell I am. *lol*

C'mon, Ryan. One word from you for someone who was almost your aunt could work wonders for my latest release Embezzled Love. Can't you drop a little hint the next time you're on the Today show or interviewed by Ryan Seacrest? If you ever have Oprah's ear, you know she has a book club that I'm mighty interested in. Do me a little favor and I can tell you all kinds of things about your grandmother. *rubbing hands together and cackling*

Here's the last picture she sent me:
This is Leta and her boys at her birthday party. I guess she couldn't find another female friend to replace what we had, *smile* but then no matter where we went in the good ol' days, she was always surrounded by guys. Some things just never change.

Seriously, I'm happy to have located her again after so many years. We share a lot of fun memories, and I know she's very proud of each of her grandsons, just as I am of my Spencer. If you'd like to know more about Ryan's exciting life, please visit his website Ryan Sheckler
and if you drop him a line, tell him you saw his picture on his almost Aunt's blog. The poor one that lives in Tennessee and is struggling to find her own fame. *lol*

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