Monday, August 18, 2008

Ever Wonder Why... takes so long to hear back when you submit something?

I borrowed this picture from a post sent by a friend. This is identified on "Flickr" as a co-worker's slush pile from one imprint. I think I recognize one of those envelopes, but I can't be certain. *lol* It appears to me that the co-worker needs an assistant.

When I worked at the University, this is what our office looked like daily at Fellowship application deadline time. It took two or three people all day just to open the envelopes and get the contents together. I'd forgotten those days, but this picture dredged up a painful memory. *smile* Even now, I hate looking at a letter opener. Can you say P-A-P-E-R C-U-T-S?


Si's blog said...

A well ordered desk is a sign of a well ordered mind. Hate people like that.

Ginger Simpson said...

People used to hate me. I always got accused of not working because I'm one of those well-ordered desk people. I can't stand clutter and always had a very intricate system for organizing my work. At the telephone company years ago, I was invited to give classes to incoming Service Reps on how to keep their workload and desktops manageable. My desk is still relatively clean, now I just can't remember where I put things. *lol*


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