Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm awed!

How exciting. I was nominated for this award by a new friend, Lacresha . I hadn't met her until she invited me to join a very active yahoo group on marketing/sales. So you can imagine that being nominated by someone I've just met is quite an honor.

Part of the obligation of this award is, in turn, nominating a few sites that I find deserving. So, my nominations are: Anita Davison because I always enjoy visiting her blog, viewing her creativity and watching for more new releases that are sure to entertain; and Cheryl St. John because she's a favorite author of mine and I'm inspired by her success. Her blog is one of the most entertaining, and contains links to others equally so. Finally, I nominate Kim Richards. Kim is a constant source of amazement. She's plays a very important role at Eternal Press, keeps the authors updated and on track, yet still manages to maintain a newsworthy and entertaining blog. You go Girls!

Now my nominees get to post this same award to their blog and nominate up to seven others. Don't forget to link back to me for nominating you. I considered this an honor and I hope you will, too.


Lacresha on Writing, Women and Wisdom said...

I love your blog. It's interesting. And, I almost always learn something when I visit.

Kim Richards said...

Congratulations Ginger! And thanks for nominating me. I'm awed!

Estella said...

Congrats, Ginger.
I enjoy reading your blog.

Molly Daniels said...

Yay for you!

Latesha said...

Congratulations, Ginger. This is awesome. I hope that you get lots of new contacts as a result of this.

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